Saturday, 4 June 2011

New Cross Library

So Lewisham's Labour council has closed New Cross library two days early to

..."Protect the books and the space from vandals..."

Since when have local residents campaigning to save the library been seen as vandals? ..For seeking change from Labour's mismanagement and lack of vision?

They even had 17 groups wanting to take over the site. But Labour Lewisham said


Why? is almost beyond belief that a Labour Council is closing and cutting back services to the local residents in most need. They want to make political capital by giving the impression these cuts are all Tory cuts, when actually Labour planned much of the cuts and closures before the general election when it was still unclear who would win..

...Every Labour Councillor should be deeply ashamed at the way they are carrying out Mayor Bullocks orders. It also makes me sick to see Labour Councillors outside the chamber saying they support the Libraries, playing an active role in the movement, and giving false hope to residents seeking ways of coming together to put forward a community alternative....when they voted for the closure...!

They voted through the cuts (only the Greens and Conservatives voted to oppose the cuts).. Labour Councillors to their shame said one thing and voted another... They all deserve the order of the boot, and I hope at the next election, Lewisham residents vote them out for this breach of common sense and clear failure to abide by the must basic of laws.. to protect the interests of the residents that they are elected to serve.
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