Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Sydenham Arts Festival Lewisham 1-17 July 2011

Lewisham may have the worst run Labour Council on the planet, and a residential population nuts to keep electing them into power, but we do have the largest number of creative people almost anywhere, so it is wonderful to see the vpopular Sydenham Arts festival, is still happening this year, and has raised the funds to offer such a terrific range of events. full details on ;
If you can help please email them on;
Creative people atre also needed as part of the Huge people day in July, Lewisham People before [profit, and the huge number of community groups that make up this group, are seeking more help to ad Colour, drama and Music to the Carnival against the Cuts section of the park. Please email me if you can offer to help on Peoples day

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