Monday, 6 June 2011

New Cross Community Council.

A new group is set to be launched tonight at Goldsmiths College. Main Building room 143 from 7pm tonight Monday 6th June.
Despite our best efforts as local residents . New Cross Library has now closed. Rather than just getting angry local residents have decided to get organised to make sure that in future the voices of the people of this area are properly heard, and that similar plans can be stopped in the future before they start. With so many Communty groups working under the Lewisham People before profit brand, this Group will seek to offer more focus on the SE14 postcode and it is hoped will offer a new active forum for local residents.The Deptford Communty Forum is seen by many to do a lot of talking, but we have yet to see many of thous who go take any real action.. Convoy Wharf prime Example, were Deptford and New Cross members of Lewisham People before Profit have over the past 2 years been the main voice of opposition, organising petitions, demos news letters, planning objection letters and putting forward alternative use ideas for the site. such as a Cable car linking Deptford with Canary Wharf, ( an idea that Boris loved so much, he nicked the Idea, and it will be built linking Greenwich with Docklands.)..and covering the entrance with... Community need, before private greed.. a slogan, which is still clear to read and popular with the locals.It is so easy to do nothing,. and yet in this community we have so many issues, and in the main it is Left to a Handful of People to do all the work...
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