Friday, 30 November 2012


Dear All.
             Private Finance Initiative PFI, set up by the Labour party is cripperling the Health Service and Schools, it offers extremly poor value for the tax payer, but insures these loan sharks make Billions.
Bromley and Woolwich Hospitals were built for £210 Million, we the tax Payer have paid back £500 Million, by the end of the Lease we as tax payers would pay in rent and service charges a Staggering £2 Billion, and we will not even own the Buildings.
Across London A&E Departments are closing in part due to PFI. People before profit have Launched a Nationwide petition via the Number 10 Website petition to bring about a Commons debate to outlaw PFI. which we cannot afford and offers terrible value for money.

Please sign this online petition. we need 100.000 Signatures. Please forward to every one on your email list.

Save our Schools and the NHS>

More details on People Before Profit Website or Londons Fastest Growing Community Blog; Lewishamcampaigner.blogspot

Dear John Hamilton,
Your e-petition "Annul PFI contracts which are bankrupting public services" has now been published. You can view your e-petition at:
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For more Understanding about PFI, pleae go to People Before Profit website and read a very good take on PFI from the Daily Telegraph, this is must read as clearly exposes the scale of this scandle. If Goverment can fine banks for PPI Insunace selling, we should be able to outlaw PFI Scams.

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