Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Darren Taylor & Eco Computer Systems response to earlier blog comments

Ray, Thank you for changing your blog so quickly, please do email me if you have any questions in the future. I am not in Pepys as much now, because I have six buildings to run, 23 paid staff and 120 volunteers. Update on the libraries: Darren Taylor is the Chief Executive Officer and we are going through a restructure to setup as a Co-Operative, where we will have a board of experienced people looking over us to make sure we are moving in the right direction. We also have a steering group for each libraries, who I am accountable to. We are a growing company which now has 23 paid staff and 120 volunteers. Our Company has grown from stength to strength each year. We have already paid to repair all the roofs and we have painted rooms that have not been used in Crofton park and Sydenham for over 7 years. Grove Park Library has been painted and decorated inside and out in the past week. We have not taken any finance out on any of these buildings. We have signed a 25 year full maintenance and repair lease, so we cannot remortgage or raise finance on the buildings. Our Accounts are up to date and have been filed. The returns which was overdue is the directors listings only and we have talked to companies house about this because of the company structure changes and they are happy we are changing to more structured co-operative organisation. Letters have been sent to Lewisham Council to explain the changes happening. Visitor figures in all our libraries are up from when we first took over, even having more visitors than previous years. People still get free use of Computers and free wireless access. We have sitdown exercises every week, in the libraries. Baby bounce/sing along session are run every week in the library. New Books have been rotating from other libraries in Leiwsham and we have had many new books coming into the library every month. We have helped many people back into work and help people start their own companies in each of the libraries. We have had local schools and artist displaying their Art work. Regards Darren Taylor CEO of Eco Computer Systems www.ecocom.org.uk 020 8694 8999

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