Thursday, 11 October 2012

Deptford Eco Computers response to Blog

After the publication of yesterdays blog on this issue, and after being given information from a number of different people from Lewisham over the past 2 weeks, Darren Taylor has come to see me today to confirm that he is still the Boss, and that Eco Computers is going from strength to strength and that they are winning more contracts. One of the main issues we all have that are active in local community politics in Lewisham, is that we all have people who share a different view and are happy to stick the knife in at every opportunity. Whilst Eco Computers and Darren like myself raise mixed views in Lewisham, i am happy to allow Darren to publish on my blog a statement to address the concerns and the issues my earlier blog raised. The Original Blog was based on information from Lewisham Council and key Community Activists who follow this in the borough,and the records held at Company house as well as a personal visit i made to Deptford Eco Computers site on the Foreshore as part of my effort to get the facts.
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