Monday, 22 October 2012

TUC March Lewisham People before profit turn out in Force.

Over 150.000 people and large number from Lewisham, joined us as we set off from Waterloo East, marching on Saturday against not just this present Goverrment cuts, but also going by the Thousands who booed Labour leader Ed, the Labour partyS lack of opposition to the cuts, and the way Labour Councils are using the Cuts for political purpose and to cover up the massive scale of badly run Councils they presently run such as lewisham. Lewisham has a staggering 2336 Empty homes, that could be producing Council Tax and Rent, this number of homes in the market would also bring down the rents for every one, so why is Labour not doing more? £12 Million has not been collected in Council Tax,, £6 Million plus is spent on Consultant fees and £1 milllion plus goes to Mayor and cabinet, so Clearly the Savage cuts have nothing to do with the Goverment in Lewisham, but all about a Labour Council full of Career politicians with no idea what they are doing. At present Housing policy is being set by Lewisham People Before Profit, no bad thing, but we need Elected Councillors and to see John Hamilton Elected as Mayor, as this is the Only way we can Bring down this administration. If John wins, he will Abolish the Mayor and go back to control by Local Elected Councillors, nor will you see People before profit Councillor lining their own pockets as Labour Does. We have real Vision and Ideas to see more Jobs and more Investment in Lewisham, we would spent the money better, get much better value for money, without cutting services or the pay of the poorest workers.
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