Friday, 12 October 2012

whitefoot by-election result 2012

The Good news, the loss of this seat to Labour from the Lib Dems, will help finish of the present Goverment, i expect Glegg to hang on until the next round of Elections in 2014, in which the lib dems will see further wipe out of Councillors and Vince cable will make a move to save the party prior to the General election,but not before these local Elections. The Bad News; Most voters stayed at home,and the voters that did come out, most did not vote Labour, so a win, but not a great win, and a sad day for Whitefoot, do they really need Labour Councillor number 42 to vote through the cuts agenda and futher the power base of Steve Bullock? John Hamilton for Lewisham People before profit increased our vote from 99 votes last time round, so no shame and we have a large number of new party members and helpers to insure in 2014 John Wins the Mayor, and People before Profit Councillors are elected in our key target Wards. John worked extremly hard as always and as a Lewisham Resident i give thanks to all the people that came out to help, and the 241 people that voted for the party, getting 241 people to come out in the rain and vote for a new Party when the easy option was to vote Lib Dem to keep Labour out. Full Result; Labour 924 Lib Dem 646 Conservative 258 Lewisham People before Profit 241 UKIP 100 Greens 39
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