Thursday, 25 October 2012

Housemartins up for 2 further National Awards

Housemartins has been nominated yet again for two major National wards, for Innovation and Community Champion.
Whilst most readers have found it odd that an estate agent such as Housemartins sponsors and supports a huge range of Groups and Campaigns across Southwark and Lewisham,and has done so for almost 14 years... you only have to go a little way back in History to see the Communist party and the Green Party, before it was called the Green Party, were funded by Estate agents.
Housemartins has continued to win awards as well as customer satisfaction from the thousands of tenants they have, and  from the carefully vetted 648 Landlords that use Housemartins to rent property, whilst not many businessess these days can say they have the same Customers in Housemartins case, Landlords and in some cases Tenants since the day the business opened 14 years ago.
However, these awards will be the last that Housemartins will agree to be part off.
 Increasingly awards are about getting business to sponsor something for money, and for a grand black tie dinner to be part of the process with high price tickets.
Customers sadly still ignore a business profile, i am sure Housemartins lose a huge amount of potential business, because of its high community profile, it makes sense for many to think about the Greed factor and use agents such as Foxtons, The failure of Come the revolution cafe due to lack of customer support is another example, whilst had it  opened as a  Starbucks instead, a company that fails to pay its fair share of tax, instead of a Community cafe, it would have made a fortune.
 Whilst the New Sainsburys set to open on New Cross Way by Goldsmiths, will take all the business from the adjoing small local traders who have been in the area for decades and whilst  some local residents have campaigned to stop this new Sainsburys store opening, i am sure that this store will be busy, i have campaigned long and hard to Encourage readers of the Lewisham Campaigner Newsletter, to boycott the scanner machines at Tesco stores, as in the end, these jobs, that local families depend upon will be abolished to see scan machines replace local workersw, and yet local people continue to use a system that will in the long term, take away jobs for local residents, is it really so bad to wait in a que, that scan and take away someones job? as consumers we all think about the result of our actions.
 After years of Thatcher, far to many people think about Me, I what I need and want, and attack others that do what they feel they should be doing, but do nothing you only need to attend a local Community meeting to see our view people really care, unless they are personally effected.
 The aim of improving standards can therefore be overlooked as companies award prizes to secure contracts, and award winners are just as prodictable.
 These days awards are increasingly worthless, not unlike the huge numbers of people who slip the politcal parties some cash and shortly afterwards get the odd title or two.
Whilst awards have further been undermined by Labour Politicians, who claim to fight for Equality and at the first sign of a Damehood, Sir or Lordship throw everything they used to believe out of the window.

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