Friday, 12 October 2012

Deptford & New Cross fire station Closure plans

London Fire Brigade are facing £65 million in cuts, so Deptford and New Cross Fire stations are on the closure list yet again it seems. At a time when more and more developments are going up and the local population to match this can only lead to an increase, not decrease in demand.# These plans also do not take into effect the wider cuts, which will see more people use candles and alternative power surplies due to the huge increase in basic cost of Utilities, and the danger this can cause. Our weekly local press cover stories about tower block fires almost every week, whilst i and Barbara Raymond have consistantly called for a fire safety review for all Council buildings in the borough, but ignored by Labour. It does seem that this is yet another cut to far. At the rate the cuts are coming, we will soon need to be policing ourselfs, putting together our own home guard and carrying out our own body surgery. Whilst Labour attack the cuts, if in power they would not save or change any of the present cuts agenda, it is therefore no wonder that the Fire brigade Union, no longer backs the Labour party chosing to give money to TUSC and other anti cuts groups.
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