Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Lewisham Council Home Waiting List Shambles

Labour Lewisham shamed by its tterrible record on housing, has come up with yet another policy to cover its shocking failure in addressing the Boroughs very real housing need.
Instead of getting to grips with the 2300 plus Empty homes in the Borough, the huge number of empty buildings left to rot, it has sent out letters to thousands of local residents in Band 4, that they are being removed from the list. With the new rent cap, Lewisham under Labour expect to remove over half the people in need from its waiting list, and bet your bottom dollar, they will then be puttinmg on Election leaflets how they have reduced the Waiting list by 70%.
This is yet a further scandle and abuse of power, that will see thousands more people to be forced into overcrowded homes or onto the streets instead of dealing with the issue head on.
The council seems to have failed to notice that in Order to get a Social Housing flat anywere in the UK, or even to get a buy a home as a first time buyer in a Goverment schemwe, Applicants must have a Housing waiting list Number.
It seems that we are on the verge of creating a whole new Underclassd the like we have never seen.
Please, Please Vote People before Profit Next time, We have to stop this Labour Madness.
The Labour style of Management in Lewisham, is Close it Down, Sack the workers, and Privatise everything else so we no longer have the problem.
It would help if the Mayor, gave up all his other Jobs and stuck to the one job he was elected to do, and that is serving the residents of Lewisham at a time they truly need a leadership with vision and ideas to protect the interests of Local voters.
Sadly this is a further example of why Labour Lewisham is not fit for office.
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