Monday, 29 October 2012

New Cross and Deptford New Group for Local People before profit supporters

A new Group has started in New Cross and Deptford, to focus on local  ward based issues, it has come about by the huge numbers that attend the regular People before Profit meetings at the Broca Cafe opposite Brockley Station, 7pm, the First Monday in each month which last month lead to people standing on the street outside, leaving very little time to deal with the huge range and numbers of Campaigns and residents concerns across the whole Borough.
 New Cross and Deptford have  a large party  membership and has had myself and Barbara Raymond campaign on local issues long before the formation of Lewisham People Before Profit, with our numbers on the rise, we had been getting constant feedback that local residents needed and wanted a local ward based branch.
The First meeting was held on Saturday, and Lewisham Hospital A& E Closure was high on the agenda, as was the demolition of Deptford Green Schools site and the 3 other empty shool buildings in the area at a time of a real Education need in the borough, not just for Primary and Secondry provision, but also for Adult education and special needs.
We have raised question for the next full Council meeting on Schools.
 Calling for Lewisham Council to reject all further PFI proposals in light of the devastating effects this policy, set up under the last Labour Goverment which has lead  to the closure of Hospitals and Schools with PFI contracts.
We also raised concerns and have asked the Mayor to make public how many other jobs he has apart from the Mayor of Lewisham, which should be one  job, and the amount of money he is paid for these other jobs, and how much time he is contracted to work.
In Lewisham most residents would be grateful for just 1 full time well paid job, it is clear for Labour Politicians, there is no level to the greed and the money they can milk out of the public sector and local tax payers cash.
The Group for party members meets the 3rd Saturday in Each month at 11am.
Please email me or Google people before profit for party membership application which is £5 per year.
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