Wednesday, 31 October 2012

New Cross Fire Station and Lewisham Hospital Update

Monday 5th November both the campaign group SAVE OUIR  NHS and we hope a member of one of Lewisham Fire crews will attend the Lewisham People before Profit Group meeting at 7pm at Broca Cafe Colgate Street, opposite Brockley Station.
As a Campaign group, we feel it is extremly important we support groups that are presently campaigning and get a fuller picture in order to work with the workers to make sure a joint campaign is more likely to win.
Across the uk, commmunity campaigns have been winning, and Lewisham Community activists also have a proud history of success.
Everyone is welcome to this meeting
On the New Cross Fire station, i have raised Questions for the next full Council meeting, seeking a public statement of support from the Council, and asking the Council to agree with us, that with thousands of new homes set to be built on developments such as Convoy Wharf and Surrey Canal Road,,  as well as the increasing number of residents in fuel poverty,  increasing numbers using candals etc, that the demands on the fire service will be increasing.
James Holland has Called a meeting about New Cross Fire Station for 7pm on November 24th at 7pm, to be held at New Cross Learning on New Cross Road, although as i write this, i am unsure as to who is organising it, or who the speakers will be.
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