Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Uk Largest free food bank distributor moves to Deptford

Hot on the hills of the We Care food bank, launched last month by Barbara Raymond and me, the largest charity (  fareshare)  in this field, is set to move its operations to Creekside in Deptford.
With the We Care Charity we launched up and running, and an increasing number of projects for the poor and homeless already established in the area .
Deptford and New Cross is  also the main key  target seat area for Lewisham People Before Profit, 
Deptford is turning into the centre of the UK fight on poverty, a stain on this and the last Goverment which has seen the gap between rich and poor grow to excessive levels, whilst workers in the main are paid so little as prices and costs go up, they need help at the most basic level.
The Goverment seems to be seeking to brand every one on welfare as cheats and layabouts, forgetting to mention that 61% plus of people working earn so little they need welfare.
Are you aware that by allowing big business to pay low wages so that the workers  have to secure welfare support is really a way of big business boosting profits and share price.
 If these firms had to pay proper wages they would make less profit, but we as tax payers would not need to pay so many people welfare, to pay workers decent pay  would reduce the debt, and see our money better spent.
Sadly Labour and Conservatives are these days all about big Business and care little for the workers, just look at the number of defeated Labour MPs from the last Goverment, presently working in the city.

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