Saturday, 20 October 2012

Lewisham Councils Vision for Lewisham;Cuts, Closure and Mass sackings

Just when you think that the Labour Leadership at Lewisham Council could not get any worse, they have just published proposals to make nearly £30 Million worth of cuts over the next 3 years. The draft plans are set to be rubber stamped at the Public accounts Select committee meeting on November 14th. This will see £14.1 Million cut from the 2013/2014 budget,£13.3million from the following year and £900.000 in 2015/16, this is on top of the £4.7 million already agreed by labour and fails to take into account the impact of Universal Credit next April, when most experts in this field state Lewisham will see a fall of 20% in Rent collection, and further negative figures from Council tax payments. Lewisham Council presently are owed a staggering £12Million in tax not collected, one of the worst collection rates in the UK, whilst still having no concerns about spending £6 Million a year on Consultant fees. It is clear from Lewisham Councils own published figures, that the Cuts have nothing to do with the Goverment, but is all about the terrible mismanagement of Lewisham Tax payers money and the waste of £6 Million on Consultant fees. You may have seen in an earlier Blog posting, that some of these Labour councillors who show up once every 6 months to secure up to £10.000 a year in allowances, are happy to still vote through Cuts, Whilst lining their own pockets.
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