Monday, 5 November 2012

People Before Profit economic policy Hijacked by Labour and Boris

Lewisham People before profit have yet again seen policy ideas, as resently as 6 months ago that had been rubbished by both the Labour Party and the Conservatives as being unworkable being reinvented as Labour party policy in todays press.
We have long argued that companies that make millions or even billions in profits, should not be paying workers such low pay, that they need the tax payers to give benefits to these low paid workers, in essence we are by paying these benefits subsurdising the profits and share price of big business.
Paying staff proper pay, leads to more tax, and more income workers can spend.
 At a time more companies find ways to cheat paying tax, by forcing companies to pay more wages is a no brainer, it means more tax, more cash in the system, and less money to come from the state therefore a real saving... for this tax scandle that has been going on far to long.
Clearly People before Profit do have the vision and a sound economic policy to turn around the UK, lets hope Lewisham residents start voting for the real thing and elect People before profit candidates into a position to get things done for real. Scotland has SNP, Wales PC, Bradford Respect.. Brighton the Greens.So clearly the breakthrough in Lewisham could be very real at the next round of elections.
People before profit have MPs and Councillors elected for the first time in Ireland over the past 2 years.
Lets see next our policy for Jobs and to make our Housing policy ideas.. Law.
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