Tuesday 22 February 2011

Lewisham Carnival against the cuts

Well what a fantastic turnout!

In the pouring rain, hundreds of people were marching in protest at Lewisham Councils savage cuts. It is very clear to me that the Labour Party is playing party politics with our services. Cutting the services at the very front, hitting the poorest, just makes me sick. How else do you explain the fact that Lewisham Council spends £6.5 million a year on consultants, but will not spend the £108.000, it costs each year to run New Cross Library?

These are Lewisham Council figures, not mine.

Labour Mayor, Steve Bullock, and the other people at the top, will still be getting full pay and perks. Steve Bullock also earns lots more money from posts he holds as a direct result of being Labour Mayor.

The Carnival Against the Cuts with the huge number of people marching, some who had never been on a demonstration before, will shock the political elite. These marchers are the voters that keep them in power.

When local people start electing anti cuts councillors, power will return to the residents of the borough.

The cuts, in Lewisham or nationally, do have an alternative. For Lewisham, go to the Lewisham People before Profit website. Nationally, we all can see that taxing big business properly and stopping the epic tax dodging....could save money and improve services .

If you really think cuts are the only solution, you need to get an education. Even in the Sunday Telegraph, they reported that on top of the banker's bail out, the extra goodies from the goverment are worth 30 billion pounds a year...That's money that could be running our front line services, which in the main are run by staff on poor wages that do the job out of dedication and love, not for greed or self promotion..