Wednesday 18 September 2019

All is NOT Forgotten rare proof copy by Wendy Walker

I have a very good condition copy of this book as proof copy uncorrected and open to offers.

The Yonahlossee riding camp for girls by Anton DiSclafani Press Proof copy for sale

I have a paper back in great condition from Tinder Press as press proof copy.. any offers?

Diane Von Furstenberg original signed book copy Diana A signature Life

I have a Hard back signed original copy of this book ISBN number 0-684-84383-8 for sale open to offers at

How to meet interesting men paper back book by Gizelle Howard

I have a original press copy of this paper back with its original press release for sale at £10 including postage. you can pay me direct with pay pal or via bacs. just email me and once paid i will remove this posting.

The Changeling play script by Thomas Middleton & William Rowley

I have this pocket script book published by Nick Hern Books  ISBN number 9-781854591920 at £5 including postage.
Please pay me via pay pal or email me to get details to pay with back.

Plays for Actresses -Leading Women edited by Eric Lane & Nina Shengold

I am delighted to offer this single paper back copy of this wonderful book published by Vintage Books ISBN number 9-780375726668 at £7 including postage . you can pay mr via pay pal or back. just email  once i have payment i will remove this posting .

Modern American Drama 1945-2000 by C.W.E.Bigsby

I am delighted to offer for sale this wonderful my only copy
2006 paper back third edition of Modern American Drama 1945-2000 by Christopher Bigsby and published by Cambridge University Press ISBN number 0-521-79410-2 this paper back edition is in clean and good condition and i am asking £12 including postage. You can pay via bank account or pay pal Ray Woolford or via macs email me how you wish to pay with your address and once sold will remove this posting.

Tuesday 3 September 2019

Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe New Parliament petition seeks to change the Law so UK Gov has legal obligation to protect ALL Brits abroad.. And Yes THEY DO NOT at present

As you read this 2000 Uk Citizens are in jail around the world, 1000 held without charge whilst some like Uk Citizen & charity worker Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe in her forth year left to rot in Irans prison system has had no charges made public forcing her husband Richard to sleep outside the Iran Embassy & go on hunger strike in solidarity with his wife in Iran , her predicament not helped by PM Boris Johnson wrongly stating she was working as a journalist .
These 1000 could so easily be you or me, & yet our Government has no legal obligation to help any UK citizens abroad a position thats is not widely known and only discovered by many when they find themselves like Nazanin caught up in International politics and the Government only plays lip service to your plight. 

This petition has been a battle with NO 10 to get the wording they would approve, if we get 10,000 Signatures the Government must respond, if we get 100,000 it leads to a full House of Commons debate in which the MPs of the 1000 forgotten in other countries jails and the #FreeNazanin campaign will be able to raise the profile of these victims and actually bring in a law that gives us ALL the right to Government action 3 million have signed the Free Nazanin Petition Change .Org and 2million have signed the petition on Change .org from British Rights Abroad , but only THIS petition is approved by the Government that has the power to change the LAW. PLEASE SIGN and SHARE NOW.

Keep up today Follow on Face book Kath Duncan Equality & Civil Rights Network also on twitter @EcrnKath Kath Duncan
“Give UK citizens imprisoned abroad automatic legal right to immediate consular p”
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