Monday 31 July 2017

Deptford .What became of the Deptford 500 who left with Peter the Great 2 build the first Russian Navy? latest update

The Deptford Russian 500 Update. come to Deptford Heritage festival tickets ;

Some of you may be aware for the past 3 years since the first Deptford Heritage Festival i have been working with the Russian Government to discover what became of the 500 skilled ship builders and craftsmen that left #Deptford #Lewisham in the 1700 with Peter the Great to build the first Russian Navy, as This weekend was Russian Navy day i was able to put further pressure on the Russian Government to give us something after all these years a...
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Sunday 30 July 2017

Mosul Syria zoo rescue during War, my powerful new article .Please share

My latest and i think my best published article on a subject close to my heart . Animal welfare.
This is a good news story, please read and share.

By Ray Barron-Woolford Night after night the misery of war is pumped out across our TV screens, our social media and on the pages of our newspapers, and yet, even in…