Monday 16 December 2019

Jahmar Ngozi The Great British Talent bringing his highly acclaimed Edinburgh Show Broken English production Loindon 20-22 January a MUST go event

Jahmar Ngozi, the Great British talent you're waiting to discover!

Benjamin Zephaniah may be a national treasure today, but it’s easy to forget that, as the first young, black wordsmith and poet to break through into the nation’s hearts and minds, it was no easy path. Whilst Benjamin opened doors, packed theatres and added diversity to our TV screens, paving the way for the global success of George the Poet, a new South London kid on the block was following on from their lead, creating a new wave of interest in poetry and words. He created a huge buzz in the process, even launching his own sustainable fashion range. If you are not aware of the rising British talent that is Jahmar Ngozi, where have you been?
Jahmar defines himself as a creative and a contemporary sociologist. As a writer, his ideas are conveyed through poetry, theatrical plays, film and stories, complemented with visual art, moving image, videos, photography and collages that simply make this man’s work provocative, challenging and allow him to create a truly different and authentically artistic experience.
Since 2016, when Jahmar Ngozi won the prestigious Emerging Artist Award from Arcola Theatre, he has taken his growing fan-and-audience base on a roller-coaster of original works from "When Harlem met Kenya" at the Cockpit Theatre for Camden Fringe, "Amsterdam" 2018 at Edinburgh Fringe 2018, to "Van Gogh on the Beach" The Cockpit /Etcetera Theatre as writer, director and producer.
Ngozi emerged as Poetry Slam Champion in 2017 and was a well-deserved hit at this year’s Edinburgh Fringe with his original and stunning work "Broken English," which comes to the London stage for a limited, but highly anticipated run 20-22 January at The Tristan Bates Theatre London. With tickets just £12 to see and hear the voice and the talent that is Jahmar Ngozi, this is clearly going to be not just the most-talked-about happening in January 2020, but a ‘must-buy’ ticket to discover this young man for yourself before his talent takes him global fast in 2020. But don't just take my word for it; he has been selected for 2020 Oxford “Playhouse Playmaker” to be mentored by award-winning playwright and former editor of The Independent, Clare Bayley, and reviews of his shows have described his performances as #Brilliant #Extremely Thought-Provoking #Captivating #Amazingly Inspiring #Brilliant Stage Presence #Funny.
This Christmas, a ticket to see Jahmar Ngozi in the best show of 2020 could be the best gift you could give to friends or family, and don't be surprised if all the mainstream media in 2020 end up raving about Jahmar. Will you be among the first?
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I will be interviewing Jahmar for the new Twitter account launched to promote this new show "Broken English."
In the UK and in most countries in the West today it is still hardest to make a breakthrough regardless of your talent when you’re a young black male.
Media interested in Interviewing this great new cutting-edge breakthrough South London young man or publishing my follow up Interview please email me

Tuesday 3 December 2019

Book of The Year , why this is the Must book this Christmas

can biography #TheLastQueenOfScotland (@kathDuncan5)
The Last Queen of Scotland by Ray Barron-Woolford link to buy the book-biography of working Class LGBTQ Civil Rights hero #KathDuncan… via ⁦‪@AmazonUK‬⁩

Friday 15 November 2019


Never arrive at Athens after midnight, whatever the guide books may say, for a taxi is probably the most expensive part of any trip to Athens and at double the rate after midnight ( around £60) , that cheap flight from Stansted Airport does not appear to be the bargain it  seemed. Taxi rates here are per person.

Athens gets a rough press. The appalling tragedy  of the refugee and migrant crisis has hit Greece’s tourist sector with tourism down by 80% on the beautiful Islands. Athens itself, still suffering from austerity as part of its EU salvage deal,  is hit by a double whammy.  Yet, this city is nothing like I was expecting and so much better for it. The roads are clean and the doorways  of its high streets , unlike London, are not populated  with the homeless that shame London and many other cities in Europe . Greece offers exceptional value; a coffee is £1.50 , a meal less than £5 . Hotel family rooms can be secured from £20 with breakfast. Whilst many may come for its history, Athens street art is what takes your breath away ; the scale , the quality,  the simplicity.They may not have our Banksy, but they have something very different and a real asset to those who come to see this wonderful city. Athens is neither run- down nor are there soup kitchens or tent cities on every street corner. It’s a proud place. Victoria Square is what is described  as the ‘run -down’ part of town in which the refugees remain , sometimes for years, awaiting the paperwork that will set them off on their dream of a better life .

 As I sit in the beautiful Victoria Park, smartly dressed men and women sit waiting , day after day . They wait for news , friends or family so they can themselves can move to the next stage, be it on foot , with or without papers,  or in the back of a people traffickers’ lorry to Italy and onto the Uk , Germany etc. These people have skills we can use and yet we put walls up to cut off an economic resource our NHS, our farmers ,our public sector desperately needs. Until we as voters demand a different mind- set, the only people who benefit  from this misery are the people traffickers . These people will find a way, however long it takes. Is it therefore not better to welcome people with skills? Does it not make our lives better and the world safer? 

 At the entrance to Victoria Park is a small van, clearly marked in English. Whatever country people travel  from, the international language is English; something that should make us proud. The van is connected to the park’s water and power system and tours different parts of the city, offering a free launderette service.

 In another part of the city, I sit and talk with those who run a needle- exchange van that has done wonders to transform the HIV rates and the discarded needle problems. It’s controversial, as it is in the UK, but the Mayor funds this project and slowly it has transformed  troubled areas. Yes, in an ideal world  drugs would not be something we tolerate, but we do not live in an ideal world. Greece may be the Cinderella of the EU, but it still has its heart and its values . Its politics may seem extreme to those looking in, but as one political commentator told me , echoing a view held widely on the street , Greek politics is like football: they all play the same game, they just wear a different colour shirt.  Brexit is as divisive here as in  the UK , but somehow Greece has ,against the odds, pulled through. The wages are low ; it’s not uncommon to find people earning just 1 euro an hour here.  However, the city feels like it’s a place to come ; it’s vibrant ,it’s cool ,its city areas offer diversity that attracts people from across the world to return . Nevertheless, its refugee crisis has , as in many other places, led to wide-spread scams. 

As part of my visit, I tracked down social media groups who had been showing films as a way to raise cash. I should not be surprised that all the organisations who were running Paypal accounts in their own name either vanished the day I arrived , spent days  delaying my visit to them or cancelled  by  just not showing up. For the record, the state pays rent for ALL refugees. They don't need to live on the street , so don't give cash to people claiming to house rape victims, beaten women etc. Also, every child can go to School once on the Greek mainland, there is NO need to donate to schools in Athens; it’s just another scam .

Greece is a ‘must visit’ between the months of November to March. All the main Greek temples and museums are just 4 euros . Food prices are low, which  reflects the low wages paid here, and your pound , whatever the exchange rate, probably  goes further here today than in any other EU city. With the apps available these days, it’s a great idea to walk. The streets are alive with cafe culture, vibrant street art  and flea markets outstripping any other EU city . Gazi student area offers nightlife that allows you to capture the essence of Greece . It may be poor but it’s proud . It’s beautiful on every level . Please don't allow the scary headlines to put you off coming . Everyone is welcome in Greece, it’s just the rest of the world that needs to give Greece a helping hand.

PLEASE. PLEASE Make a DONATION TODAY........................................
. try missing a coffee TODAY we need to raise a total £5000… via ⁦@gofundme⁩
To support grassroots work in Greece and help secure this other projects on the front line ,please donate by clicking on the link . Just £1 from everyone on this time line will help us create a women's safe zone ; kids pop up school;sports to tackle the violence & experts to tackle mental health with abused women & kids who have only known the misery of War .… via ⁦@gofundme⁩
People interested in the life and activism of the most important UK Civil Rights leader past 100 years LGBTQ Kath Duncan a new ,highly acclaimed , biography has just been published link here this wonderful book all makes the perfect Christmas gift for many one with a Love Women issues. History . Politics. Period Drama . working Class History . Spanish civil war and all the campaigns and activism between the wars 1900-1954

Friday 1 November 2019

Moria refugee camp Greece. My exclusive undercover article on the true story our media fails to report

Moria Camp, on the beautiful Greek Island of Lesvos, may have  been hailed by the BBC as the ' Worst refugee camp on earth’ to generate  a good headline. However, the reality, as I discovered,  having been the first journalist to be smuggled in , could not be further from the truth.

 Set on a hot , isolated , rocky hillside far from the tourist locations and the island’s facilities, it’s a secretive place that discourages visits from the press and any outsiders.  Humanitarian Aid agencies  stopped showing any sign of humanity long ago to those who have risked so much to get here. The main-stream aid agencies we see on our TV screens , pleading for our hard-earned cash after every  disaster, have also  pulled out of Moria as, quite simply, with less than 20,000 refugees and migrants on site, it’s not financially viable for them to operate . This led to the BBC News headline... ‘The Worst camp on earth’... yet, if this were true, would this not be the very place they should operate?

 Aid agencies that exist in the camps compete with each other, often at  the risk of  lives. For example, a father with a child just born in the camp and suffering from a fever was seeking help from a French film crew. They were also interviewing one of the camp’s aid workers who failed to disclose that, just 250 yards away, was a medical provision tent that could help him with his sick child. However, as this was a rival Aid organisation, potentially life-saving information was not passed on. Stories like this are far too common in Moria. You would think that, after the sex abuse and aid for sex scandals that brought many aid charities almost to their knees, and the cover up that followed, lessons would have been learned. Nevertheless, the best care and service provided is done so from the poorly- funded grassroots organisations whose inspirational work should be rewarded and followed .  I would argue that the organisers of  Glastonbury festival are better equipped at organising a tent city refugee camp, such as Moria here in Greece, with humanity  and on much less money than those funded and operated by the mega -rich aid agencies who shame their profession and do such a terrible job at present . 

With winter arriving, I could find nothing to show that the camp is being prepared for the upcoming cold and rain. Residents who have been here for more than a year have wood pallets to keep their tents off the wet ground but most are oblivious to the savage and cold winters these hill-top rocky camps face.

Kath Duncan Equality and Civil Rights Network have been trying to establish a safe LGBTQ and women's zone within the Camp and a School project. They also seek to address  the violence caused by bored young men by instituting a sports scheme . Whilst it is clear that  space to kick a football or run a school within the camp is restricted due to overcrowding, the reason the camp will not allow these projects to be established, is that it would change the perception of the camp from being a holding camp to having containment, residential camp status. This something that it already is in all but name, but  which those in power refuse to acknowledge, regardless of the fact that huge numbers of people in this camp have been here for years. 

 Kath Duncan Equality and  Civil Rights Network argue  whether these projects should just be acknowledged as ‘Pop Up’ to address this? Undeterred, Kath Duncan volunteers, like the old Bible smugglers of old have had to  smuggle  books into Moria to establish a network of tent schools within the camp in secret because the camp refuse to give permission. In addition, they have established a logistics office to network and inform all residents about the facilities and services which exist within the camps and islands. Kath Duncan Equality and Civil Rights Network also helps with distributing donations and  assuring family and friends around the world about who is in the camps. In addition, they carry out an audit of labour skills, in the hope the world, if it won’t take refugees or migrants, will take the teachers, surgeons, doctors and midwives that its own economies need now.

 It's extraordinary that no such networking or project exists as the camp  costs us all millions to fund, not just the Greek Government costs, but also the Aid agencies. These agencies get excessive funding for a basic level of service, which mainly consists of containment, basic food and nothing else. They must be exposed for what they are NOT delivering and the poor value for money they offer, together with the terrible lack of humanity shown to the inmates and the camps’ total failure to open up their facilities to the world’s press . Much needs to be done to help these people move forward and be able to claim status in countries where they already have  family support networks and  to ensure the skills of everyone in these camps can be used and harnessed for the gaps in our own jobs market.

New arrivals are not guaranteed entry. The camp is over-flowing ,and whilst the official line is that this is just a holding post for a few days until the residents can be moved to the main camp in Athens , the truth is that many in this camp have been here for years already and quietly accept the reality that it may take them years to get into Europe and secure the legal papers they all crave for a better way of life...OUR way of life.

There is a further un-official camp for those unable to get in to Moira, in the olive groves surrounding it and another camp  20 minutes drive away . The giant gates with a huge red  STOP sign are opened and closed erratically by far from welcoming, armed Greek Soldiers . The  solid walls on each side have signs that are constantly white washed by the camp command .They are not keen that the newly arrived residents have marked up: “Welcome to Moria Prison”... which had been white washed during my arrival, only to be replaced with another legend, reading: “They killed our dreams, betrayed our traditions". Adjoining the walls are high fences, prison- like with barbed wire, lighting posts and cabins. As you enter, you encounter  communal washing areas and pathways with market stalls selling cigarettes, fresh fruit and veg and all manner of goods you need to get by in a refugee camp like Moria. Entrepreneurialism is evident  in a camp that is full of people with real skills, doctors, teachers, engineers, electricians ,surgeons and scientists . Everyone has paid vast sums of money to get this far via plastic boats in the pitch black of night without as much as a torch. They have braved  rough seas, mist, fog and wild sea currents that are dangerous by day and  deadly by night with no navigation system; a trip that is so dangerous that Moria camp alone holds 500 orphaned.

Men women and children from every corner of the world are fleeing war, persecution and poverty for our way of life . This is a lifestyle of freedom and opportunity our  governments have urged the world’s people to follow and be inspired by for generations . Yet, when those fleeing for refuge seek to share in that vision of hope and opportunity, the  gateway to Europe is firmly closed. Only by engaging in illegal activity and the people trafficking trade can they hope to secure status and a better life within Europe.

The 10,000 plus people that call Moria Camp (built for 2,400) home,  have all risked life and death and paid large sums of money to people traffickers to come here, and may ,further on their journey, end up like those tragic 38 souls found in a trailer in a UK port.

 It is heart-breaking that migrants and refugees in the new global political climate only become an issue when they are washed up on our shores or found dead in the back of a UK lorry. Yet, as I write this, the UK economy has 100,000 job vacancies in the NHS, The police service is desperate to attract people of colour and ethnicity  for their 20,000 job vacancies,  whilst the Farmers Union was interviewed on TV, telling all that would listen that they needed 30,000 people to pick fruit from the apple trees this season.  Unbelievably, due to this staffing crisis, the number of apples being left to rot  is enough to give every school child in the UK an apple a day for an entire year. Still, our policy in the UK is to forbid refugees from working, regardless of their skill set, whilst a government minister responds to the tragic loss of life in the back of a lorry. Accepting we are an island, it would make more economic sense to allow people into the UK to do the work we struggle with. This skills shortage  is also undermining the housing crisis, as whatever number of homes our Government pledge to build, Council or otherwise, any builder will tell you, the UK does not have the skilled tradespeople to build the homes we need. It is no longer about money but labour. In Europe, every camp could be emptied within 24 hours,  and yet these people would still not fill the staggering number of job vacancies we have. However, these people would be helping us all address OUR needs; boosting our economy; earning wages to spend in our economy and paying taxes to run our NHS and public sector services. 
PLEASE. PLEASE Make a DONATION. try missing a coffee TODAy we need to raise a total £5000… via ⁦@gofundme⁩
To support grassroots work in Greece and help secure this other projects on the front line ,please donate by clicking on the link . Just £1 from everyone on this time line will help us create a women's safe zone ; kids pop up school;sports to tackle the violence & experts to tackle mental health with abused women & kids who have only known the misery of War .… via ⁦@gofundme⁩
People interested in the life and activism of the most important UK Civil Rights leader past 100 years LGBTQ Kath Duncan a new ,highly acclaimed , biography has just been published link here this wonderful book all makes the perfect Christmas gift for many one with a Love Women issues. History . Politics. Period Drama . working Class History . Spanish civil war and all the campaigns and activism between the wars 1900-1954

Thursday 31 October 2019

Moria Refugee Camp Lesvos Greece, where every day, its a battle to survive Weekly reports for Kath Duncan Equality & Civil Rights Network from residents inside the camp

29 September wasn’t a good day for Moria Camp and its residents. On this day’s afternoon all of Moria’s people disappeared between the violent smoke and deafening noise. There was a fire and the reason was the electrical connector. There were two firefighter trucks to harness the fire and two aeroplanes defiling the Moria’s sky. They fought against the fire from the sky and ground. 
While I had disappeared inside the smoke and fire, imagine the woman that had been stuck with two children inside container and agonized before her death. 
The people who had taking pictures abuse the opportunity to go inside some containers, tents and shops to glom something. The women cried and the children screamed for their parents among the crowd. The burned shops were robbed. 
The sky was full of smoke. The violent smoke floated some people on the air to levitate their soul on the sky. The firemen were busy turning the fire off. When, after one hour, the fire subsided a little bet. Several people who were next to the burned container drew the-woman’s corpse out from the burned piece of containers. The sounds of “Allah- O- Akber” repeated often in the crowd. 
I stared at a woman’s boney corpse whose meat has been going up with smoke into the sky. When someone wanted to put the corpse on the blanket to transfer, the bones burst and had to be collected togathers. I had seen several semi burned corpses next to the other container. They brought the wounded to the police car. When the policemen had seen the wounded, closed the doors and wanted to leave. The sounds “Allah- O- Akber” repeated again between the crowd and they started to throw stones into police cars. The police car’s glasses broke down and feel the ground. The police started to escape without wounded bodies. The people rushed the police car and yelled to transfer wounded into hospital and ask ambulance. They opened the car’s doors by force and put the wounded in and car get on its way. 
When demonstrative persons wanted to attack to the police, they used lachrymator to dispresed people.
Whatever the journalist didn’t allow to take pictures and making report directly, but the media reported the casualties at night: one died and two people wounded. Although the witness people mentioned 6 died and 13 people wounded. 
During the night started the “Allah- O - Akber” sounds again and people walked on the street with corpse and kept the placard, but encountred with lachrymator. The horer became more and more between the crowd. The violent people broke the offices’ doors down and robbed every things. Opened the offices with forced and started to sleaze. Every body glommed every things: blonkets, cloths and so on. Entered at banks office and broke the computers down.
They reviled European countries and Greece. screamed “Allah - O - Akber” and insulted to Greek administrative. After an hour the anti riot police surrounded the Moria Camp and didn’t allow to walk someone around. This riot continued up for two days inside and outside the Moria Comp. The people wanted to take care ad transfer people from this prison. After the two days the Greek administration promised to take care and transforer people from Moria to mainland.
PLEASE. PLEASE Make a… via ⁦@gofundme⁩
To support grassroots work in Greece and help secure this other projects on the front line ,please donate by clicking on the link . Just £1 from everyone on this time line will help us create a women's safe zone ; kids pop up school;sports to tackle the violence & experts to tackle mental health with abused women & kids who have only known the misery of War .… via ⁦@gofundme⁩
People interested in the life and activism of the most important UK Civil Rights leader past 100 years LGBTQ Kath Duncan a new ,highly acclaimed , biography has just been published link here
Rohullah Suroosh
Moria, lesvos

Tuesday 29 October 2019

#Lesvos #Greece #moira #refugee exclusive article The Australian Teenage Angels of Greece

I welcome news media interested in publishing this exclusive story or others I have written from inside Greece’s refugee camps . Full sets of images are available ; direct mail me.
At 5.30pm on 29 August 2019, a team of Lighthouse Relief Volunteers, monitoring the Aegean sea from a look-out point on the Greek island of Lesvos noticed the outline of a flimsy plastic dinghy with barely enough buoyancy to keep those men, women and children on board above water.
These poor people, clinging to the sinking dinghy, their fragile hopes now completely eclipsed by pure terror , could see no sign of help or rescue. However, on a hillside on the north side of this beautiful island , a team of young volunteers , The Angels of Greece as the refugees call them , with Lighthouse Relief were heading to the shoreline.
These young Australians, boosted by further volunteers from around the world,have been here since 2015 and have established a grassroots charity whose 24/7 and highly effective rescue activity has supported thousands of people arriving on the shoreline . They are one of two grassroots NGOs remaining on the north of the island.
As the young spotters were raising the alarm, a further 12 vessels were spotted. The updates were urgently forwarded to the response team , for this was going to be an operation unlike any that had occurred since 2015. The Lighthouse Relief team rapidly moved into position while sending out urgent messages to mobilise the volunteers of Refugee Rescue , another grassroots organisation working on the frontline, and other main- stream aid organisations to warn them of the imminent arrival of so many more boats and people . Their tally of new arrivals assisted would be 546 men women and children rescued in just one night in a 30 minute opening.
Refugee Rescue launch their boat to safely, intercept the sinking dinghies and bring those clinging to life on board towards safe land while members of the Lighthouse Relief team stand in the sea to receive the refugees and escort them safely through the treacherous currents and the dangerous rocky coastline which makes this final part of their crossing just as hazardous as anything they have encountered so far.
 Once they are safely on shore , they are welcomed by other members of the team, who have organised dry clothes and hot drinks and are ready to offer physical and emotional support. They will then transport the newcomers to the first camp for registration and a health check before they are moved by authorities on to the refugee camp whose name has become synonymous with the misery of mass migration : Moria.
Today, probably many thousands of people owe their lives to the Teenage Angels of Greece , a group of teenagers and young people in their early twenties, most from Australia, who have paid their own way here to see what they could do to help establish a charity on the frontline of a global concern . Lighthouse Relief is the only group on Lesvos with a dedicated landing and spotting operation, seeking to stop the distressing images of bodies ,not so lucky to be spotted, washed up on the Europe’s beaches . Many would argue that grassroots groups like this are much more significant and effective than the mainstream and officially recognised aid agencies . Although they are much better funded and resourced , their work , which is in the most part restricted to the grudging and minimalist provision of containment and basic foodstuffs, is often inefficient. In addition, it is bureaucratically encumbered, wasteful, and far from well and humanly adapted to the real requirements of the people in need of help. There are certainly questions well worth pondering.Why should so many resources be given to slow , unresponsive, and seemingly complacent bureaucratic organisations? Why should an unacceptable high proportion of the money donated be used to pay wages and maintain organisations themselves? It is clear the majority of the truly effective, responsive , and cutting-edge work that genuinely saves and improves lives , such as the provision of meaningful education, welfare and wellbeing services supported by a responsive and innovative approach to logistics , are provided by grassroots activists who depend on crowdfunding and YOUR donation or their own friends and family to fund this extraordinary work. And this really is the work that counts . As well as spotting craft in trouble , bringing their human cargo safely to shore, and providing food and clothing , Lighthouse Relief , a group that really does stand out as a beacon of hope in appalling conditions, offer ongoing support, including safe and friendly spaces for children and young people who have been traumatised by their journey . ( Their two core programmes are based in Ritsona Camp ; child friendly space CFS and Youth Engagement Space ( Yes). ) Many of those who arrive have been abused physically and sexually , and many have watched those they love drown in front of them , powerless to help . In Moria camp alone, 500 of the thousands of children had already been orphaned by the time they reached the camp . Please, just think about that for a minute and let it sink in.
As I sit in Lighthouse Relief base at Skala, having coffee with Nick Powell, their communications officer , we discuss how the Kath Duncan Equality & Civil Rights Network can work constructively together with them on matters such as logistics, fundraising and other special areas of need that are not currently being addressed.In the course of our conversation , I ask him what his current priorities are. " Firstly , to raise awareness of what’s actually happening here; then to ensure that our operations can continue in a sustainably way for as long as there is a need". Nick says over 10,000 people have been supported by these young Angels of Greece so far, 10,000 men , women and children who will never forget the kindness of these strangers, these amazing youth of the Lighthouse Relief Project .Just £1 from everyone on this timeline will help us create a women's safe zone ; kids pop up school;Sports to tackle the violence & experts to tackle mental health with abused women & kids who have only known the misery of war .… via ⁦@gofundme⁩
To support grassroots work in Greece and help secure this other projects on the front line ,please donate by clicking on the link . Just £1 from everyone on this time line will help us create a women's safe zone ; kids pop up school;sports to tackle the violence & experts to tackle mental health with abused women & kids who have only known the misery of War .… via ⁦@gofundme⁩
People interested in the life and activism of the most important UK Civil Rights leader past 100 years LGBTQ Kath Duncan a new ,highly acclaimed , biography has just been published link here

The Last Queen of Scotland
The Last Queen of Scotland

Wednesday 9 October 2019

National Protest Campaign #EndPoverty #MakePovertyHistory Lead by Kath Duncan Equality & Civil Rights Network 2020

14 Million in poverty . 1.5 Million destitute , highest number UK Homeless since 1930s enough is enough . National Year of action 2020 join us 

Ray Barron- Woolford
Status is online

Ray Barron- Woolford

Chief Executive Officer at Kath DuncanEquality & Civil Rights Network
Press Release Monday 7 October 2019 From Kath Duncan Equality & Civil Rights Network 
The Governments own figures confirm that today in 2019 a staggering 14 Million people in Britain are living in poverty 1.5 Million the government rates as destitute , the numbers of people dyeing homeless in the nations doorways & street corners not seen since the 1930s an International disgrace , so the true figure is probably much higher , the cost to ALL tax payers by failing to address this rising inequality & poverty say the highly respected Joseph Rountree Foundation in the number one book on this , Food Bank Britain is £69.2 Million a year as a total public service cost , money as a nation we can no longer ignore and a demographic of people voiceless and feeling abandoned and yet as the late great Nelsen Mandela said " Poverty is man made and can be unmade " so true & the bases of this new Nation Wide Campaign of action, Protests , Rallies & Marches across the Uk in 2020 .
2020 will be the year we remember the birth of the Uk Communist party that from 1920 - 1933 was at the forefront of standing up against poor housing, inequality , low pay, welfare reform and poverty in all its forms so although we are NOT party political in any shape or form , We intend to recreate the Hunger Marches and put right a terrible injustice in which the TUC in 1933 turned away the Hunger Marches for no real reason than they were lead by the Communist Party a decision that has allowed poverty 7 inequality to continue unchallenged since & campaign for ALL political parties to appoint a Minister-Shadow 4 Poverty to oversea every Gov and party policy and how each can address this rising inequality as a priority .
Our campaign seeks the support of every political party in the country as we say enough is enough and on the spirit of 1933 March again across our green and pleasant land demanding that every political party appoints a minister 4 poverty to oversea how every policy each party has will impact on addressing and Making Poverty History .
We are Today announcing our plans to re-establish the 1933 Hunger Marches , rallies and protests across the UK in 2020 .
The Hunger Marches will start with Scottish Grassroots organisations marching on Kirkcaldy in Scotland the home of the Uk most Important Civil Rights leader & one of the leaders of the Hunger Marches of the past 100 years Kath Duncan ( a new biography that covers the history of Hunger Marches and more of the life of this inspiring working class hero The Last Queen Of Scotland is on sale now )
Kirkcaldy Scotland , will see the first March of 5 start in summer 2020 to recreate the March of 1933 on to Deptford, Lewisham in South East London to be linked up with 4 other national marches to highlight a different aspect of Poverty .
The Other 4 Marches Will be lead by grassroots , Women. LGBTQ . Homeless . Disabled groups to highlight their struggles , stories , campaigns and abuse of their civil liberties 
People, Groups Organisations wanting to take part, Sponsor this Nationwide action , help in any form should email Twitter account @EcrnKath text 07871187162 
We Hope people will support our Kath Duncan work by making a donation one of, or monthly donation to help with costs to We Care account 65659328 Sort Code 089299 

Wednesday 18 September 2019

All is NOT Forgotten rare proof copy by Wendy Walker

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