Tuesday 24 October 2017

Barnard Marcus Auctions . Probably the worst Auction house 4 Customer service in UK best stay away

Barnard Marcus Auctions is all that is bad in the property sector, it is so driven by making a fast buck that they will tell you anything to get your cash and then stuff you like a kipper once they got your hard earned cash.
We Care runs a homeless project that buys cheap homes that it does up and rents to homeless charities to help people in crises , however our experience using Barnard Marcus is probably one of the worst examples of a business sector that needs regulation and controls to stop it ripping of its customers big time.
As i write this my Charity  is unable to put a homeless family in a house we bought, because we do not have any keys for access..
The first problem we had was reading the legal pack in which it stated fees would be charged, however despite being told over the phone and in person on the day that we would only be charged £850 including fees, We ended up being charged the Auction fees of £3000 and the other side solicitors another £600.
Having been aware that Barnard Marcus once they get their fee just ignore their  customers, i insisted our solicitors confirmed that the keys location would be clear upon completion.
Surprise Surprise upon completion even though we had been told Barnard Marcus had the keys , once they got our money the access to the property and any attempt to complain was ignored, no one would take our calls, in fact when we did get hold of a person  the phone was just put down, hence the reason i am writing this blog and as a direct result of this company greed and failure to locate the keys a family in housing crises will spend another night on the street , you may think this is a one off, but last year my housing project bought another flat in Liverpool through Barnard Marcus, the same access issues and poor customer service was offered and as this was a flat we could not change the locks as it would be an issue for other people living in the block,  so last Christmas another family we had bought a house to home had to spend Christmas in a shelter because Barnard Marcus failure to insure we had keys for access .
History is repeating itself from the most unpleasant company i find shocking exists in 2017, the £3500 extra they charged us could have furnished the house and helped at least one family have a secure place to call home this Christmas,
Thanks to the terrible service or rather none existent help from Barnard Marcus ,yet again plans to house a family this Christmas blocked by the greed of a company that does not deserve to be in my view in Business. Buying or selling , plenty of Auction houses in UK, find one that actually  gives a toss as clearly  Barnard Marcus Do not.