Thursday 30 October 2014

RochesterandStrood By-Election Follow on Twitter@nichopbp PeopleBefore Profit candidate

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Wednesday 29 October 2014

Rochester & Strood By-Election this guy could cause upset. have selected housing &  union activist Nick Long to fight ignorence and hate in the Rochester By-Election.

 If you can spare some time to deliver flyers, door knock or just help pay for this campaign, please go direct to PB4P website for all details including form to join the party.

renationalise the Railways. Rent controls..NO TTIP and PFI deals and end privatisation and cuts to public sector and our NHS going down really well, but establishment media refusing to report what is going on, or the alternative that People Before Profit offer..

Nick has just set up a Twitter account follow /Retweet /Blog/ @nichopbp

Tuesday 28 October 2014

Performers who have the Original factor wanted.

We are looking for the most visual, the most interesting and the most impressive line up for this which we hope will become Londons answer to the Edinburg festival, with 4 stages and streets and skys to fill we want this to be a cultural and artistic event buzzing with talent and creativity from dance, to art, to all music and poetry and so much more over this bank holiday weekend..Are you up for it?

All profit from the Festival will go to local Deptford charities such as We Care food bank.

Rochester and Strood By-Election the candidate/ Party , very popular on doorstep not getting reported.

Isabelle H (@IsABellUseful)
A @PeopleB_4Profit candidate in #RochesterandStrood 2 address the real issues the 99% R facing: @nichopbp RT&support!


Deptford History 1400 to present day 150 images from this populat coffeee table book

DEPTFORD by Ray Barron-Woolford is on sale at £9.99 for this wonderful coffee table book, that looks great and promotes the with all profit going to We Care food banks, so a great gift or present to own.
You can buy copys on Ebay just go to ;:Deptford History Books , or buy direct 6 days a week from We Care shop 467 New Cross Road Deptford SE14 6TA..for signed copy write direct to We Care with your cheque payable to We Care for £9.99 . Enjoy..

Follow Ray on twitter@Raywoolford

Deptford Festival @DeptfordHF

Monday 13 October 2014

Deptford Heritage Festival Tickets .Click on link 1-4 May 2015

This is going to be an amazing festival,

 You could buy my  coffee table book Deptford ISBN number 978-0-9930809-0-6 

Or pick up a copy  from We Care food bank shop 467 New Cross Road Deptford SE14 6TA. All profit from book and the festival goes to local charities. 14000 to present day plus a ticket as Christmas gift. 

Deptford Twitter account is @deptfordhf 

These are a limited number and restricted to insure the tickets are not bought by touts and local community priced out..This is a big star line up.. Best £25 a ticket you will ever spend, just 1 name worth more than £25. and you get 4 days of WOW talent..Treat yourself.. Buy as gifts with the Book ... people coming from across the Globe to attend this event,after Stage and TV Newspaper said should be Londons answer to the:  Edinburgh Festival.

Ttip George Hallam from Lewisham People Before Profit explaining in simple words on BBC news at London Demo

Isabelle H (@IsABellUseful)

Click on blue link to hear.
It has taken years to get this subject on main stream news so yet again Lewisham People Before Profit have punched way abouve the partys weight on the National stage. ViVa
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Ferguson USA this powerful image must be an iconic momment . click link to view

Ray woolford (@Raywoolford)
Least we forget This photo of Young Nigel taken by Koran Addo in STL #FergusonOctober will be iconic. Very symbolic

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Friday 10 October 2014

PFI the latest from the People Before Profit NO 2 PFI campaigns and policy team

I reported at the last meeting that I was involved with a group working against PFI in the NHS. Let me tell you a bit of the history here. We got together after a national KONP meeting last October or November and agreed to set up a campaign on PFI as no-one (KONP included) seemed to be taking it on. When we wrote to Medact to seek their involvement, we found that they were already organising a group and had a lot of high profile contacts in research / health etc. So we got invited to the early meetings but we kept on with our own discussions.
Medact became the focus of this new group 'People vs PFI'. Medact is run by David McCoy who is in with the new Labour apologists in the health campaign, eg Louise Irvine, Jacky Davis and it did not take long for our smaller, more modest group to be seen as wrong-headed.
However, we persisted and one of our group continues to attend Medact organising meetings and we are down as supporters.
In the meantime, on a much smaller budget and very much part-time we have managed to set up a website, which is on a much smaller and very modest scale, but all the material is written by us for campaigners.
We provide quick and easy guides to PFI contracts, and very concrete help to campaigners seeking to dig up the 'dirt' on theior local PFIs.
In contrast so far the People vs PFI website is really bringing together a lot of other people's material, which is useful but doesn't give the quick and easy guides to the issue that campaigners need. In fact, I'm not convinced for all their talk of campaigning, that they have ever actually themselves been involved in any campaign, from what I saw round the table at the Medact meetings, with the possible exception of the Jubilee Debt campaign. And I think their website reflects that: loads of information but not digested into easy pointers for busy people.
Our DIY tool to help a campaign analyse their local PFI contract is geared to the NHS but the method is just as applicable to local government PFIs etc. Needless to say, this is being pointedly ignored by the Medact group, and we haven't been asked to present our findings at the November conference. So we have yet again encountered the sectarianism that seems to permeate health campaigns. It is a pity as we are all working towards the same end and we will go to the November 1st event.
However, we will carry on advertising ourselves and I hope that when news of this is sent out to anyone, you will also promote our little contribution!
Let me know what you think of the website and the guides.
All good wishes.

Thursday 9 October 2014

Democracy; How to upgrade in the Internet age. Click on this link

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Pia Mancini and her colleagues want to upgrade democracy in Argentina and beyond. Through their open-source mobile platform they want to bring citizens inside the legislative process, and run candidates who will listen to what they say.

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