Wednesday 26 September 2018

Blood contamination public inquiry . MY shocking exclusive interview with key activist in this 30 year campaign

How the British Government set about ' Grievous bodily harm and murder of its OWN citizens' The shocking words at yesterdays Blood Scandal public inquiry . My friend Carole has fought 30 years for her day in court, PLEASE read this shocking must read article as YOU could have been so easily one of its victims. PLEASE share widely .
My latest published article setting out how it all started and its impact that profit before safety had on entire families.

On the second day of the long overdue public inquiry into the NHS Contaminated Blood scandal, leading Criminal Barrister Sam Stein caused a sensation by referring to the harm caused to haemophiliacs and the deaths

Saturday 15 September 2018

#Liberty Casting -Audition feed back on find the cast 4 this stunning production

Casting - auditions was not easy yesterday when producing a play like #Liberty 

Ray Barron- Woolford

Activist .Author.Broadcaster. Guest speaker .Playwright . regular contributor at The London Economic
Well casting, Audition's it was all so new to me yesterday, i thought the guy from the Crown, the Shakespearian actor or the lead guy from Poldark would be certain to be cast, i had in my mind the characters they would play, the media attention they would secure and it was all just a process in a room full of those people we see on the tele and on our theatre stages, and yet it was so different, i think because i had never done a casting or audition before , it some how was a huge success, the real problem was getting people to leave and deciding who would be cast.
Women god bless them , who would have thought that at an open Audition they would out shine the men with stage presence? , clearly solid preparation and a determination to secure a role in what will be the not just the most important work to be staged in 2019, but probably the best and most original production you will see in 2019 and certain to ne the most talked about. I was just blown away in which some of the Women through themselves quiet literaly into the ( Mens ) characters, whilst the men who attended the audition may have impressive CVs but lacked presence, Character , sang flat and mumbled the words leaving me with the strange position of rejected some of TV and Theatres biggest stars, for lesser known Actors who's hunger for the roles , love of my play left us all in the audition wanting to see more of them, so guys it seems just about every role in the play will be Women , not planned or thought , but talent is talent and when you need to sell tickets, wow an audience and sell out a 2 week run its Talent and a great piece of work that does this. The surprise was the one man who showed up for Audition, a household name whose fame is such you would not expect him to have any interest in this subject matter, after all its not what his fan base or media profile would expect and yet his presence , the huge amount of research he had clearly carried out for the audition the role of Fred Coleman he wished to play left us all charmed, captivated and stunned by his Talent , as they say you should never judge a book by its cover this Guy was brave to accept the offer we gave him, its less money and will change the way the public see him forever, for people in this business thats the bravest thing you can do. 
Full press release of the amazing cast will be published end of the Month. If you have NOT bought tickets yet i urge you to BUY today from see tickets or ticket sauce Opening night is Valentines day 14 Feb with celebrity opening night with tickets for this show only at £25 so give as a Christmas gift and enjoy on Valentines day, what a great deal.. as once this goes public it will sell out, as only 2 week run as part Deptford Heritage Festival 14-28 February at just £15 what an amazing gift to give? a night of great theatre with all profit funding the running of a school holiday club feeding and keeping poor kids safe in the holidays.. 

Tuesday 11 September 2018

School Holiday clubs and rising number in school holiday poverty .

This a really good news item on school holiday hunger & need for investment and local
Councils to do more , I did this interview awhile ago with my mate Charlotte , but in #Lewisham we struggle every year to find space / venues to host OUR school holiday club that we staff & run our selfs without any state cash or support ! Why we are staging #Deptford Heritage Festival 1-28 Feb 2019 2 raise the cash we need to keep going & deal with staggering rise in local people seeking help ! So watch the news clip and please get a ticket & support the festival