Thursday 8 December 2011

Deptford Creekside New Plans/ New Planning Update

Just got news, that Lewisham Council is seeking to turn Deptford creekside into a Conservation Area.. this is at clear odds with the fact, Lewisham Labour Council, have been building Luxuary flats on every bit of free space it can sell of for years, with no community benifit, it was this wreckless planning policy of turning the area into one giant development, that got so many people active in Lewisham People before profit..Lewisham Council after the huge public pressure from Lewisham People before Profit members and supporters who have built up a huge campaign to protect Convoy Wharfs Marine history, and our demands for a new school, real long tern jobs for local people, and real Affordable Housing.This week English Heritage and the GLA, all came out in support of our proposals, Lewisham Council under huge pressure...who had given a nod and a wink to the developer, have had to go back to the drawing board, as the planned submission for planning on December 8th has been Scrapped, a clearly pissed off PR company who at first seemed to warm to our plans, and then dug in when they realized our campaign could stall these plans, have ignored requests for the listed Marine Wharfs to be given to us on a 25 year lease to create real long term green jobs, restore the historic ship works area to repair boats and to build a Maritime Museum and turn Convoys into a Green Energy Enterprise Zone. Hopefully Locals will further support our Plabns, when we put forward Candidates in next Mays GLA elections, and further along the Lines, when we Fight to win Every Lewisham Council Seat and Steve Bullocks Mayor post.. Although our Plans for the Mayor to to save money by abolishing the post if we win, and going back to local Councillors electing a different mayor every year.. But thats a while off...Just make sure you are on the Voters roll to vote; People before Profit...We have a Great Exhition on the Impact of the Olympics on Greenwich park, just drop by the Cafe..its free.. We also have this week launched the Internet Cafe at 50 pence per hour, and from Monday our Green Energy will see our first 5 members start training...With so much going on at the cafe, it is hard to keep up...But aftyer starty up problems, the CVafe and the Community work is going very well, the advice centre has had huge success as has our CV workshop and out Training programmes are starting 3 months early.. All this is due to the local people who come day after day to the cafe to buy a Take away Tea, Have a Meal, or attend events and services we offer.This small amount of money you spend, Helps us do so much, every penny you spend goes directly to the local community and the Local economy, if we can get more people in mornings and afternoons and over the weekends, we could give more jobs to local people.. So if you have not been,...Come soon, and to you wonderful regulars, i cannot thank you enough, and i only wish you could see the amazing thinks your money has allowed us to do.. In Deptford and New Cross you have a Huge Choice, but the Only Place that Gives its money back to the Community is ...Come the Revolution..We charge you less than anywhere else.. So why eat or Drink anywhere else?

Has Deptford Got Talent?

Hot on the heels of the young peoples film night,Packing the cafe out from 7pm every Thursdays at Come the revolution Community cafe on New Cross Road Deptford, we are just setting up an Open mike night, and a Alternative fun Talent night for Saturday nights,called has Deptford got Talent..? if you are terrible or fantastic, in the new year this is going to be, South Londons most fun place to perform. We are Looking for Stand up, Performance, Musicians and Singers as well as Poets..Please drop by the cafe if you wish to take part, we are also looking for People to perform at our Christmas Fund raising Party on Saturday 17th December from 7pm at the Cafe.. We also have some tickets still left at £5, which also gets you a drink and a mince pie, with fantastic food on offer, hopefully with a licenced bar...

Friday 2 December 2011

German Readers..And Other Global Readers

I am increasingly surprised by the huge number of readers reading my Blog across the world, last month the number one readership was Austria, whilst this Month, it has been Germany, Spain and India and the Middle east as well as Asia increasingly feature,Which is odd, as my Blog is mainly about a very Small but Very Political and Happening part of South London.Lewisham People before profit is Huge in France, and People before Profit have 3 MPs elected in Ireland, so building the Movement across the Globe is great and welcome, but i and my readers would love to hear about what you are doing in your Country, what Campaigns, What protests, the more we can link and forward news, the more success we can have with our campaigns and our Politics, the main stream media has no interest in seeing small political partys win Elections, but i would welcome your contribution to my Blog.Hopefully you can link your blogs and websites to ours and contribute ideas, news and support...The Wonderful part of doing my blog, is getting home after a long day, to see my stats and the huge number of people who read my Blog..If you do get to come to the UK, Come to our Community Cafe Come the Revolution in Deptford London.. a huge warm welcome awaits..

George Hallam People before profit Feltham & Heston By-Election.. To Win?

Over the Past week,the number of positive profiles of London People before Profits Candidate George Hallam in the Feltham and Heston By-Election, (Hounslow to most people), has Seen George come from nowhere to having a real chance to cause an election upset. The only Candidate who is a member of the only Political Party to support the 2 million public sector workers on strike this week, in an area with a huge number of Public sector workers, George is gaining ground, with Local union branches backing George with Donations and offers of Help. The Internet is packed with Groups and Voters saying they will be Voting London People before Profit on 15th December. as this election is not about changing the Goverment, local, Residents have a chance to make a real protest against the 3 main political partys who have caused this mess. Many local residents still remember, that it was the Labour party that ignored the 1 million people marching against the Iraq War. It was the Labour Party who started PFI, which has bought the health service such problems, and it was the Labour party who started the Student fees.. Today it is Lord Hutton a Labour Minister whose report has lead to the savage cuts in pay and Pensions for the public sector. So Clearly if you hate the Bankers, so loved by the last Labour Goverment, and you like me, hate everything about the BNP, then you will do what ever you can to elect George Hallam, the Only Candidate who will put People before Business Interests...this Election is a no Brainer.. George deserves to walk this, and shake the Political establishment to the Core, a win for People before Profit, would be the most powerful protest any Individual could ever do.If you have friends, Family in this area,make sure they vote, do not expect National Media Coverage for George, the Idea of George winning scares them ridged.. We can do this via Blogs, Twitter..Emails , Websites, Facebook, Etc, Remember People Before Profit was set up, not by Politicians, But by Community Campaigners across South London angry about Goverment and Political Leaders who simply put the Interest of Big Business before community Need...Vote Vote Vote London People Before Profit not just on 15th December, but at the GLA next May, Set up a Group, this is a real movement with a real alternative, George is also one of the UKs best Economists, he clearly understands Finance and the Lies our Media and Goverment feed us.

Tuesday 29 November 2011

Feltham & Heston By-Election

At long Last London Voters have the chance to vote for a real alternative, to the 3 main stream political groups, that gave up on representing the interests of the working Class years ago. At a meeting held last night, it was agreed that Lewisham People Before Profit, would put forward a candidate on the People before profit agenda, Campaigning in support of Public sector workers, to see investment in house building, and capital expenditure to give people real long term jobs. to see Council estates and public buildings used to generate green energy to cut back on fuel poverty, to see a programme of building new council homes to deal, with a very real housing shortage, and to see the huge numbers of jobs this would bring,. it must be better to have people in work, paying tax, THAN A NATION OF WORKERS ON BENIFIT.. . We also are looking ahead to the GLA elections next May, and with PR, we have a real chance across London to win seats on the GLA.Our Candidate is the economist George Hallam. He will play a very pro active campaign, seeking to build a new grouping in Feltham and Heston, and to use the publicity to build People before profit Campaign groups across London and were ever people are looking to build a real alternative. At this election voters will have the choice of voting for 3 main political groups, none of which are willing to come out and Support the 2 miilion people who will lose a days pay to stand up against the Goverment. It is to the Labour partys shame, that we are having to put forward a candidate who will put people before the interests of big business.. Voters can vote for something very different.. if you can help with our campaign, make a donation, or would be interested in building a people before profit campaign group in your area, please email me.Further details on our party website;

Thursday 17 November 2011

Poverty..Who Cares?

What does it take to make you angry? I do not think I am alone in being disgusted at the story in this week's news, in which an elderly couple just gave up and killed themselves after spending 18 months trying to sort out the disability allowance to which they were entitled. They were living in one room because they were unable to heat their house and were walking 6 miles a day to get a food parcel because they had no money for the bus fare. In the same month a young person who was unable to pay their tuition fees threw themselves under a train. The growing despair that the worsening financial situation is causing is simply terrifying. It is clear that the three main political parties have become the parties of Big Business. I would not have thought that in my lifetime I would see a Labour Party sacking staff en masse as they rush to privatise local services and close libraries that are the last remaining and crucial public space for all local people, whatever their income. Labour's record is truly shocking, as is their current failure to back the thousands of teachers and public sector workers who are considering striking for a decent pension. We have all seen the appalling reports in the media about the poor care being provided by the NHS in certain areas. If you listen to management consultants rather than medical experts, if you sack full-time nurses and rely increasingly on agency staff, what do you expect? How can you expect a ward of 390 very ill people to get the care they deserve from just 1 ward nurse? If ever you should make a stand, it is NOW. Please get ANGRY and ACTIVE. Come to Lewisham People Before Profit's next meeting. These are held on the first Monday in every month at 7pm at Come the Revolution Cafe. Please support us in any way you can. You can make a donation, you can visit our cafe, or you can e-mail us your support. Please start voting for people who care about you and our community. Bad times are HERE FOR REAL. We must stand together, we must campaign together, and we must help the thousands around us who are in great need. E-mail:

Green Jobs Coming to Lewisham Deptford and New Cross

The Good News We should get funding for People Before Profit Energy Solutions so our plans to create jobs in New Cross and Deptford by training local residents in traditional trade skills and the installation of home insulation are certain to happen in the new year. We have already made an application for a full-time worker and are presently working on being in a position to announce our job-creation scheme in the new year. If you are interested, please e-mail Ray Woolford for more details at

Londons Best Cafe, Tea Room and Coffee Bar/Gallery

Your Cafe Needs You! Come the Revolution offers tea and crumpet for just £1 and a hot meal every day for just £2. It provides free Wi-Fi, a gallery space, a book exchange, free meeting space for local groups and campaigns, and the best drinks and food in the area. It also gives jobs to local people and helps to keep money in our community. Any profit the cafe makes is used to support community campaigns. There is a free advice surgery every Friday at 12, a free one-to-one CV workshop with Ray Woolford, a cookery school, a Mum and Children's Group every day from 9.30 am, and a Critical Thinking group every Tuesday at 11am. We are doing a good job but, as we receive no funding, we are having a really tough time. This project is about supporting local people, helping the most vulnerable residents, and giving people healthy food at bargain prices, but we can only stay open if people come and have their breakfast or lunch with us, or just morning coffee or afternoon tea. This is a wonderful, comfortable place with welcoming and helpful staff. Our gallery wall presently displays a collection of portraits of local residents by award-winning portrait photographer Peter Jones, which reveals the great richness and diversity of our local community. Please help us to make this cafe a success. We want to open longer and create more jobs for local people, but we can only do this if local people come to the Cafe, buy takeaway tea or coffee, or hold meetings, functions, parties etc. in this valuable and much-needed community space.

Utility bills Protest.. Stopped by Big Business

Biggest Consumer Protest In History Stopped By Big Business As readers may be aware, we have set up a Green Project to force down fuel prices, to look at ways of producing green energy locally, and to create long-term local jobs in an area with massive unemployment. We had planned to organise a day of action to get 100,000 people to switch energy suppliers in protest at the excessive profits the energy companies are making from us. The plan was to have 100,000 people sign up to switch energy supplier en bloc, which would mean we could negotiate to buy gas and electricity at near to wholesale prices. This was to be our first action in seeking to tackle local fuel poverty. (We eventually plan to produce our own local green energy.) The government has been encouraging consumers to organise and buy their own wholesale energy and said that ours was a very promising scheme. We had already engaged a logistics company and had arranged a press launch, but just two weeks before this was set to happen, the utilities companies refused to do business with us on the grounds that they do not like the tone of our campaign and felt that we would undermine their business. This is an outrage and a frontal attack on consumer choice. Nevertheless, we are determined to carry on the fight to bring down fuel bills and ensure that local consumers and not-for-profit groups are allowed to offer discount fuel.

Labour Councillors in Lewisham

Labour Abandons Advice Surgeries and Councillors Go AWOL Local councillors clearly expect to be kicked out en masse from New Cross and Deptford at the next local elections Labour councillors Long and Padmore are presently raking in over £10,000 a year for attending just 1 meeting every 6 months. In fact, as you can see on Lewisham Council's own website, they have the worst attendance record on the council, but they are happy enough to take the money, money that YOU pay them. Local residents are also complaining that Labour councillors are no longer holding advice surgeries, which is one of the reasons why Ray Woolford is holding a free help and advice surgery every Friday at 12 at Come the Revolution Cafe. If Labour councillors cannot be bothered to show up for advice surgeries, if they have no interest in community action campaigns for jobs, housing, schools and libraries, then what on earth are they doing on the council? They should all resign and let local people elect councillors who will do the job properly, who will stand up and fight for local people. After 13 years of a Labour government, with a Labour council and 3 Labour MPs, we have the highest level of youth unemployment in the UK, and every time we have a chance to create local jobs, build new council homes, and provide more school places, our Labour Council supports the Big Business builders of luxury developments, consistently putting private greed before community need. The Labour Party in Lewisham consistently acts against the interests of the residents who have voted Labour and it is time that residents in New Cross and Deptford finally wake up to this and vote for Lewisham People Before Profit in future.

Local Rents massive increase call for rent freeze

Local Rents at Record High The average rental in Deptford and New Cross is now £200 per week, while a 2 bed flat costs £250 -£400 per week and 3-4 bed flats start at £400 per week, and this is in an area where the average wage is just £24,500 per year. When the new Universal Credit comes in next year and councils are told to charge 80% of market rent for all new council tenants, we will be in the bizarre position of seeing the 17.0000 people in most need on Lewisham's housing list unable to get a council flat because they cannot afford it! Even more alarming are Labour's plans only to give council flats to people who are working. What about residents who are pensioners, disabled, in education, or recently unemployed? In the meantime, council rents have already increased by over 100% since Labour have been running (or failing to run) Lewisham. It really is no surprise that council tenants are talking about rent strikes as they are already unable to keep up with the recent increases. Lewisham People Before Profit continues to campaign to have local empty council buildings turned into new council homes or housing co-ops, to oppose the sell-off of land and other buildings which are needed to meet the rising demand for housing, and to battle with Lewisham Council with respect to new developments, where we insist that they must include the full 35% of social housing. We also demand that, when a builder gets planning consent, they include a sufficient proportion of homes that are genuinely affordable by local people who earn an average wage of £24,500, and that the council actually does something to deal with overcrowded homes, to enable house swaps and to free up larger properties for families.

Local Heroes, John Hamilton and Barbara Raymond

Barbara Raymond, John Hamilton, and Peter and Pat Richards Local Heroes up for Major Community Awards Lewisham People Before Profit campaigners have been nominated for The South London Press Community Awards for the huge amount of community work they do tirelessly on behalf of local people. Barbara has been an active, effective and deeply committed community campaigner for decades; John Hamilton was Lewisham People Before Profit's mayoral candidate at the last local elections and has been at the forefront of community action across Lewisham and South London for years, as well as being a founder member of Lewisham People Before Profit; Peter and Pat Richards have campaigned tirelessly at local, national and government levels to save our Libraries from cuts and closures. As far as we are concerned, they are all heroes and local treasures. We wish them the very best in the upcoming awards.

Jobs for Deptford & New Cross

20:1 Jobs Campaign Many of you may have seen our campaign teams across Lewisham recently. We are seeking to highlight the fact that in Lewisham there are 20 people looking for a job for every 1 job vacancy and the dysfunctional nature of a local economy and council that fails to invest in and capitalise on its greatest asset, hardworking local people. (In Lewisham our Labour council has sacked so many staff that they are having to pay agencies for temps!) Come to Come the Revolution Café, 467 New Cross Road to sign our campaign's Giant CV, which clearly reveals what a tremendously talented and skilled local population we have, and that is why Lewisham People Before Profit continues to challenge Labour and demand that local long-term jobs and homes that local people can afford should be put before the short term interests of the many developers who are looking to make a quick buck in Lewisham. After the huge Labour landslide at the last local elections, Labour politicians are simply putting the interests of Big Business first and essentially treating the local people who voted for them with contempt. Local councillors are failing to show up for Council meetings and in certain wards advice surgeries are not being held, but these councillors are more than happy to collect thousands of pounds of local tax payers' money for doing next to nothing. Let's hope that in the next round of elections local people wake up and award this rotten Labour Council the Order of the Boot!

Deptford Betting Shop Up Date

Betting Shop Number 13 For Deptford High Street Goes to Appeal. Object TODAY! Despite the success of a long campaign to stop a 13th betting shop from opening in Deptford, the victory has been short lived as the owners of the betting shop have submitted a new planning application. This means that we all need to object to it all over again. Barbara Raymond has organised a petition, which you can sign at Come the Revolution Café at 467 New Cross Road, Deptford. You can also lodge your complaint with Lewisham Planning office directly by e-mailing them at: REMEMBER: You must use the planning reference number when making your objection, which is DC/11/78506. You will not be able to object after the first week in December, so please get everyone you can to write in and object.

Convoy wharf latest update

Convoy Wharf Huge plan to create hundreds of local long-term jobs Ray Woolford and other supporters of Lewisham People before Profit have submitted proposals to the developer of the Convoy Wharf site, which, if they are approved, will create hundreds of long-term local jobs. The proposal contains a business plan to use the protected wharfs to create a green energy site that could generate green energy to fuel up to 8000 homes in Deptford and New Cross. The wharfs themselves would serve as a training centre to train local residents as carpenters, plumbers, electricians, and qualified installers of home insulation, who will soon be in great demand once the government's new green deal agenda passes into law next year. The plan also includes the creation of a local Maritime History Museum, which, as a major tourist attraction, will boost jobs and the wider local economy while protecting and preserving the site's historical importance. Another branch of the Come the Revolution community cafe will open on the site, together with a state of the art cookery school and a green energy store that will provide all you need to inform yourself about and to start using and even generating green energy. This realistic and viable plan will provide tremendous benefits for the local community but it needs the support of Lewisham's Labour Council if it is going to happen. So far the Labour council's only comment on these plans is that they are 'interesting' while they continue to allow the development of luxury apartment blocks throughout the borough and neglect the real need for the creation of more local long-term jobs and more affordable housing as part of a responsible, just and sustainable approach to the stimulation and maintenance of the local economies and communities. The proposals outlined above would not cost the tax payer a penny as government funding is already available, and they will generate real incomes and benefits for local residents and the local economy. We have already offered to trial a free insulation programme and green energy initiative on any Lewisham Council estate to demonstrate how fuel costs can be drastically reduced and fuel poverty can be successfully tackled. But Labour Lewisham, ever the friend of Big Business and indifferent to interests of those it was elected to serve, was not willing to allow local people get cost receive these benefits. At the last local elections, Lewisham People before Profit proposed a cable car to link Deptford High Street with Convoy Wharf and Canary Wharf, but Labour Lewisham and our third-rate MP dismissed the idea as fanciful and unrealistic. Boris, however, loved the idea, though, due to Lewisham Council's customary lack of vision, the cable car will be built in Greenwich. We also proposed a ship school for the Convoy site, which was responsibly coasted at £6 million would have been ready within 11 months. But sadly Lewisham People before Profit did not win the local elections, so profit continues to be put before local people who continue to suffer from real school crises and a lack of proper investment in the area.

Thursday 1 September 2011

Deptford/New Cross The best Community Space, tea Room and Coffee shop

Well the trial period comes to an end, and at 1pm on Saturday 3rd September the most eagerly awaiting Deptford and New Cross Community Space, Tea Room, Gallery and Coffee shop cheapest place in London to eat..will be opened by Barbara Raymond, the areas longest campaigning resident, together with this years group leader of Lewisham People before Profit, George Hallam.. The past 10 days have been tough,just getting delivery, inspections and staff training, has been almost 24 Hours, and Amina the Cafe manager has and is exceptional, the Staff are in the main, the best bunch of local residents in need of work, we could find, this has lead to some problems, with 30 people all training at the same time, we have therefore selected the best 4 people as team leaders and a large band of part timers to insure we can delivery the best food, the best Tea and clearly the best Coffee around, Our Ice cream we are told is to die for, whilst our Milkshakes, and Juice bar are beginning to take off, Local community groups have started to book the meeting space, and the offices for Advice work and more, we also have a huge Garden, but that is for later...The Gallery wall is full of portraits of local residents, with the retro feel of the place, we hope you like it as much as we do....Tea and Crumpet is Just £1. and we have Daily food Specials at just £2. A stunning 100% Burger with Fat or Skinny Chips is £5, what you would pay for Junk food, but we offer the Best Food and hot drinks any were in South London, Fair trade and Organic as much as we can, A wonderful and interesting book exchange and lots of Bric Brac you can buy...other things happening are Book Club, Poetry Nights.Food for thought conversation evenings, mums group, Lewisham surport group for the areas Care workers and offices for Lewisham People before profit, that do although the things the Labour Party should be doing, but gave up years ago...This Space is what you make it...Got an idea?, Got a group or Campaign or even a Business idea and need help to make it work?, Then contact the Cafe and the Team at Come the revolution, If i do not see you Saturday, hope you will drop in, say hello, get a great Lunch, and insure that in 12 months time we are really creating loads of real jobs for every one that we can....

Saturday 30 July 2011

Jobs in Deptford and New Cross & Come the revolution

At long Last Come the Revolution is set to open end of August, it offers full and Part time jobs in Catering in the Short term, serving great Coffee, Teas and Amazing Ice Cream, Food and other snacks will insure Local People see this is a great place to eat, Drink, hang out or get active.. The Space will offer a Gallery, Meeting rooms, for free use to all Local community groups and campaigns, Will offer a book exchange, Cookery School to every local resident, from Basic ideas to use an Egg, to great healthy cooking on a budget, the school, will be open to all and will cost just £1. Each day the Cafe will offer tea and Crumpet for just £1, or a hot meal any time as the daily special for just £2.Gourmet Burgers with Salard and Oven Baked chips with a Drink will cost just £5, we are selling Organic and fair trade as much as possible, so prices are fast food, but you will get quality.the space will also offer free Advice centre and will have a proper Campaigns Office for Lewisham People Before Profit. the No to Convoy Wharf Campaign and many others will be based here.Wifi and Computers will be avalible and Opening hours are 6am-8pm Monday to Thursday. 6am-10pm Friday and Saturday. 7am-8pm Sunday.
The Spacev is open for Public meetings, Film Club, Poetry, Debating, Parents and Toddlers Groups, This Space by your Support will insue Local Jobs go to Local People and that the profit made will be given back to Community Projects so please support this venue, as a life long community campaigner, i have lostb track of the number of campaigns or resident groups that have failed due to lack of funds, this Venue, will not only give a huge boost to the area, but will your support will give much needed finacial support to groups fighting to protect not just local services, but also help individuals with problems, but also help us make legal challenges on Planning concerns. I have to declare that this is one on my pet projects, i had hoped to use this space as a peoples supermarket, but this idea was scrapped due to lack of local interest. Come the Revolution has come about after listerning and talking to Local residents, Students, community groups and Workers..

Friday 22 July 2011

Deptford & New Cross Planning

Deptford and New Cross Residents are getting organised to fight yet more planning applications set to go before Lewisham Council in the coming weeks. the Lord Clyde pub is the latest to go, as it owners seek to build yet more flats, at this rate we will see every street in the area becoming a building site. With Convoy Wharf about to take off, the Largest Development proposal in Lewisham History, already many groups are getting Organised, Both the New Cross Community Council and Lewisham People before profit have set up Planning Groups, so email me if you wish to play an active roll, or just to be kept up to date.the bad side of all this, is that commercial Landlords are pushing up rents,one Wharehouse full of artists in Creekside have been served notice, as the Owners seek to make more money from the improvements to the area, whilst i have lost track of the number of Local traders being forced to pay ever higher rents and rates. At the moment, all that we love about our neighbourhood is under treat. It is just Tragic, that Our Labour MP and Our Labour Councillors are only interested in the money these proposals bring to the Council, and care little for the impact on the enviorment or of the interests of the residents who live here.I hope people remember Labours Awful record in this area, when they next get to vote.Councillor Long, the New Cross Councillor who was exposed by the News Shopper News paper for taking Council money and doing almost nothing for it before the last round of elections, is back at her old tricks, Looking on Lewisham councils own website, she has only attended 3 meetings in over a year, but she has still claimed thousands of Council tax payers money. That works out at over £3000 per attendance...and if you think she bothers with Local Issues, i am happy to confirm, she is as invisable to the electors as she is with the Council Chamber.

Deptford and New Cross Planning applications increase 10 fold

Deptford Residents are set to see almost every road in the area, becoming a building site, the number of developments planned and proposed is at an all time high, even though the property market is in freefall in most areas, but in our neck of the woods, Developers see a fortune to be made. The negative part of all this, is that Commercioal Space rents, ie Shop and work space units are seeing the Owners give notice to long term tenants to charge upto 60% increases. the Artists in Creek Road have been given notice by the Works, to get out, and this week the Lord Clyde Pub in Deptford is set to go to be replaced by a block of yet more flats..Lewisham People before profit, will be setting up a working group on Planning, with Convoy Wharf about to be the Biggest Planning Battle for Residents in Lewisham Councils History, Being organised

Tuesday 12 July 2011

Labour party housing policy review

Had a really good meeting at the House of Commons today, as Labour seeks to get to grips with the real housing crisis, and the lack of affordable and social homes, it is clear that both Labour and the Goverment have no intention of building more homes, but are increasingly dependent on the private rental sector to take over the role.

Bankers present said that the problem is they could not afford to loan the money that is needed to meet the huge housing demand as the new banking regulations state they need to hold 8% in reserve. He was also quick to remind us that much of the financial crisis was caused by the buy to let market, and it would be some time before the financial sector would tackle lending.

I raised the Issue of better education for tenants, and the possibilty of ending evictions where families are kicked out from job loss or health issues, as the 75.000 households evicted every year all end up on the doorstep of local councils seeking help, and at huge cost.

...Caroline Flint MP, a tough cookie by all acounts, admitted that Labour should have done more in goverment, and that paying tenants instead of landlords was a mistake, as it lead to huge numbers of landlords withdrawing from the social sector.. in all a positive 2 hours, but lots of work still to do. We really do need to build more homes, but how we get our political leaders to agree a plan is another matter.

The meeting was chaired by Alison Seabeck, shadow housing minister, and what a good job she did. As you are all aware, I am no friend of the Labour party, but after today, I did feel that these 2 Labour MPs really do want to listen and get to grips with the issue.

Friday 1 July 2011

Labour Party a disgrace..Say Union Leaders

Are the public really happy to support the Goverments aim at putting public sector workers , against workers in the private sector?.Because clearly that is what is going on. I live with a Teacher, so have first hand experience at seeing how hard teachers work, not just during School hours, but at night, weekends and much of the School holidays. My partner had a choice, a great mind, and had the chance of working in the City earning big bucks or becoming a low paid teacher, teaching gives  real job satisfaction, the pay back, in retirement a decent pension for the low pay teachers earn. Much of the monthly pay goes to tax, and to put money into a secure pension, when you do not earn a lot, you cannot save as much as many in the private sector, so a pension for many is all they have. The private Sector pension market has seen thousands of workers lose life savings and pensions, Maxwell, Equitable Life and more. Is it therefore so wrong that we seek to Support teachers and reward them for the great work they do, of which we all benifit?
At yesterdays demos across London, from Deptford town hall to Westminister, every one was angry that yet again the Labour Party is not supporting the workers, The statement by the Leader of the ATL union, that the Labour Party was a disgrace was widely cheered and reported on BBC & Channel 4 News. Union Branch members across Lewisham and the Country are calling for Union subs to be no longer paid to the Labour Party, and that Unions Give money to groups who support workers Such as Lewisham People Before Profit, who already have wide Union support and active members from the Unions, some of which give money to the Group. Across the world People are demanding Change to the political System, saying it no longer represents them... This is Clearly not only the case in the Middle East,were we are seeing people standing up against tanks and bullets and laying in the streets, with death just yards away, how brave and insperational are these regular people, demanding to be listerned to, and willing to die. Or Greece,were we are loaning them even more money, money they can never afford to pay back, but the banks have to be seen to be paid, so they loan greece money to pay back the last loan they could not afford to pay, whilst the young and old pay the price of our rotton Capitalist system, that sees the Bankers and our Leaders get ever richer, on the backs and hard labour of the population, selling off every thing the Country owns just to Pay back the Banks, with no plans for Growth, will see the Debt never repaid.Greece like the UK, needs a new Political system. Iceland you all may recall, was Bust not so long ago, the UK bailed them out, the Goverment held a referendum but  Today Iceland has refused to pay back the money it does not have.. The world still goes on, Icelands People still have Food ,Homes and Jobs..

Wednesday 29 June 2011

Sydenham Arts Festival Lewisham 1-17 July 2011

Lewisham may have the worst run Labour Council on the planet, and a residential population nuts to keep electing them into power, but we do have the largest number of creative people almost anywhere, so it is wonderful to see the vpopular Sydenham Arts festival, is still happening this year, and has raised the funds to offer such a terrific range of events. full details on ;
If you can help please email them on;
Creative people atre also needed as part of the Huge people day in July, Lewisham People before [profit, and the huge number of community groups that make up this group, are seeking more help to ad Colour, drama and Music to the Carnival against the Cuts section of the park. Please email me if you can offer to help on Peoples day

Saturday 25 June 2011

UK Uncut - Actions across the UK

On 30th June over 750,000 public sector workers will be striking. UK Uncut has announced the Big Society Breakfast to support the strikers at their pickets.

There will be UK Uncut actions happening all across the country. Find one nearest to you or if there isn't currently one, think about talking to your friends and organising your own. All you need to do is list it here, organise a facebook event and then spread the word.

A video has just been made so have a watch and share it far and wide.

UK Uncut

Twitter @ukuncut


The New X Community Council - Join In!


Next meeting of the newly formed New Cross Community Council - A group where everyone that lives, works and studies in New Cross comes together and directly represents their interests themselves.

Tuesday July 5th 7pm, Goldsmiths College, Main Building, Lewisham Way,
Ground Floor room 143

FACEBOOK event -

Libraries Update - The New Cross Charges

Negotiations are continuing for New Cross library to be taken over and run as a 'people's library'. The council is set upon charging a rent of around £35,000 a year to the lucky people that take on the challenge.

This would mean an effective cut of more than 130% to the funding of library services to New Cross.   Council funding was about £100,000 a year. Now they want to charge £35,000 pa for a much reduced service.

However, people are so keen to get the library re-opened that they might just agree to it.

(Generously the council have said they can use the £60,000 put aside for self-issue machines to pay for the first two years).

An emerging libraries villian is Ed Vaizey, Minister for culture, communications and creative industries, for his lack of intervention now after shouting loud about library cuts whilst in opposition..

Here is a question posed to him by Benedicte Page, Bookseller.

"Ms Page addressing Ed Vaizey - In the case of Lewisham, New Cross has closed, Gloucestershire has embarked in legal measures to prevent closures as occurred in the Wirral. It is not difficult to see why some communities are unable to embark on these extremely lengthy and expensive legal claims. Why can you not intervene?

Ed’s response: I stay close to my officials, and will not utilise the “nuclear button” of intervention unless advised by his officials to do so. And so far he has not been advised to do so."

See also Independent columnist John Walsh on why  Ed Vaizey has not been advised to do so..

The closure of Kirkdale as a CEL centre...Mayor & Cabinet Meeting

Please read this....
circulated by Patricia Richardson, Adult Education 4 all

"Mayor and Cabinet meeting, 6.00 pm on Wednesday 22/6/2011

The closure of Kirkdale as a CEL centre

Four members of the public waited for item number 5 on the agenda, Tom Stacey, Cathy
Ashley, a Kirkdale supporter and me. Unfortunately the Mayor had to declare an interest in
this item. It was postponed until last, so he could stand down and leave. Deputy Mayor, Cllr
Alan Smith, chaired the proceedings.

The introduction by Cllr Best, Cabinet member for Communities, stressed the 25% reduction
in funding by the Skills Funding Agency over 4 years. The previous reduction in funding
by The Learning and Skills Council (which squandered SO much money that its CEO had to
leave, with a package, and its name was changed) has already damaged Adult Education
provision across the country. There is also a question mark over the “Safeguarded” funding!
Her point was that Kirkdale had to be closed in preparation for further reductions in

Cllr Muldoon, Chair of the Healthier Communities Select Committee was the first witness.
As was noted at their meeting Cllr Muldoon batted well. He reiterated his strong concerns
that the 2 vital reports, the Equalities Impact Assessment and the budget report were not
available for his scrutiny committee. Indeed the promise to provide the Mayor and Cabinet
report to the committee before the decision was made did not materialise either. He held
the officers to account over this and commented that the student witnesses had given a
more cogent presentation to his committee than the officer concerned. He underlined the
importance of scrutiny and stated it had to be given the respect it deserved.

Too right, where only one person has any decision making powers (The Mayor, unless
he has delegated to officers) this is crucial, but it is slipping …. I hesitate to use the
word “contempt” in connection with due process … He commended his committee’s
proposals that dual use of Kirkdale was valid and co-location was a serious option.

Cathy gave her usual coherent, considered view on the issue. She began by recommending

that proper user groups, as had existed before at CEL, should be in place to deal with
the serious issues arising. She stated that Learner Forums were not up to this. Her main
concerns, which she was able to prove with statistical evidence, were that once people have
a less accessible venue they do not attend. (Ditto libraries!) Travelling difficulties and costs
prevailed. Those with cars needed accessible, free parking. It was notable that Evelyn and
New Cross wards had the lowest take up figures for CEL, once Mornington Centre closed.
New Cross has since lost its library. Sydenham no longer has a Lewisham Library. With the
loss of the over 60s concession, only now for over 65s, one could anticipate loss of students.
This needed to be monitored and recorded.

As a specialist centre students had to be assured of the quality of the new re-location.

Costs of this exercise were NOT available. Answers when they came were the usual
officer waffle, “It will be alright on the night.” Well, it never is, but they just ignore the
consequences – “Shall we move on?” There was also the consequence for these other
centres of fitting in Kirkdale’s programme (actually 96% of it!) The implications of closure
for so many people have been ratified SO many times, why keep repeating them? All we
achieve are increasing levels of deprivation (libraries.) Why this insanity?

Aileen Buckton, Head of Communities, went back to her cash book. There are 2
funding streams, one for accredited courses, one for non-accredited courses (laughingly
called “Safeguarded.”) The latter figure seems not to be known at present, but money will
be available, but not increased over the period and requiring efficiency saving. The former
is already subject to 25% cut, approx. £650,000, and ESOL funding protection has been
removed. I will not insult your intelligence by repeating her excuses for not providing the
Select Committee with adequate information, on time.

We all appreciate financial provision is a central government decision, but then it was also
practised by the Labour government.

Cllr Egan had to be re-assured that there was capacity across the 3 centres. He made a
key point by asking if there was a strategy in place to build on the promises made by the
officers, it was important that there were follow ups and the collection of statistics recorded
the trends in student numbers. He wanted to see the results.

Cllr Maslin supported Cllr Muldoon’s comments on the proper treatment of Scrutiny
committees. Although he could perceive a negative impact to closure he went along with it.

DEAL DONE – Kirkdale closes from July 2011, and although it was past the
dinner hour, we went home for our dinners!"

Patricia Richardson

Adult Education 4 all

Tuesday 21 June 2011

How to bring down the goverment, but what is the alternative?

Whilst all talk is off a General Strike, a new branding for Labour.. Blue Labour, and the, Did he or did he not stab the Brother in the back, the reality across the UK, is that Labour is seeing a huge swing of support at local council By-Election level, whilst the Lib Dem vote, is crashing through the floor, whilst Smaller Groups such as Lewisham People before profit, and an increasing alliance of Community campaign groups across the uk, seeking to put real choice before the Electors. The People before profit agenda, has seen candidates secure votes as high as 28%, whilst 2 Councillors have been elected in the Midlands, and 2 Members of Parliment in Ireland. So why do i raise the issue of the Goverment failing to live through its full 5 year term?.
The Lib Dem party and its many Councillors are facing almost total wipe out, across the UK , Wales and Scotland, The voters are voting for any one except the Lib Dems, with another set of Elections next May with the London GLA and Mayor Elections, the Lib Dems are set for such a terrible kicking, that they will be forced to Dump Nick Clegg and replace him with another, who will at once call for the Party to pull out of the Goverment. This will see the Goverment fall, and the Lib Dems will seek to gain credit for bringing down the Goverment and in so doing hope to save seats.. an alliance with Labour and the Lib Dem is almost certain, and both sides are on talking terms, ready for that day, next May. As some one who has been active in all the main political Partys, my information is always spot on..
But What If the Goverment Falls..Do we really want a Labour Goverment? After all the reason we are in this financial mess, is after 13 years of a Labour Goverment, with Greed, Self Interest, and a truly stunning failure to regulate the Financial sector. They started Student fees, the crazy PFI and the NHS privatisation policy,Across the Globe, the Real People feel that all our Political Leaders are failing to represent the people. Big Business interest runs with the media, almost all policy and the political agenda. Bringing this Goverment down will not bring about any real change, it will lead to an entire Nation devoid of any true representation. Groups such as Lewisham People before Profit and Others on a platform of Community need before private greed, are what most voters would support, but in the quiet of a voters booth, will hold the nose and Vote Labour..An alternative will only win power and bring about an alternative political agenda, once Labour is again in Power, and the last remaining Labour party members wake up and realise the Labour party is no longer like the people it used to serve, but is all about the Bankers and Hedge fund managers and the mega rich, its leaders aspire to become. only then will we as a Country see that we need and should vote for a clear alternative.
Do you really think that Loaning billions of pounds to Greece to help it Not pay Wages, Or to invest in Jobs, but just loaning it the money to pay back the bankers is a real economic solution?. Our media peddles the lies of the leaders it seeks to promote.We live in a country of fear, not because of the work of the massses, but due to the greed and mismanagement of the few.. Wake up

Saturday 18 June 2011

New Cross Sainsburys and Lewisham Small Traders

Not content to have the largest store in New Cross, Sainsburys, a store that claims to care about the community, is about to open another store on Lewisham Way, just 200 yards from its main store.

It would seem the fact that over 30 small local traders are running businesses in a very difficult market, leads Sainsburys to think this is a great area to expand, and with cheap booze, and discount prices an area that will be easy to close down the Local pubs and wipe out the local small traders, most of which only make a living during the Student term, and most earn less than the minumum wage.

Local Traders, the New Cross Community Council and Lewisham People before Profit are seeking to stop this expansion, 1 giant store is enough.

A public meeting is about to be called to mobilise the local community to protect our local traders..

Next New Cross council meeting is 5th July at Goldsmiths, Room 145, ground floor of the main building.

It was only a week ago I was in the Mercury and South London Press defending small traders in Catford, their Landlord Lewisham Council, wants to kick out 30 long term small local traders and replace them with yet another giant superstore, that will pay them more cash. I have repeatedly reminded followers of my blog, that Labour Lewisham is more right wing than Thatcher...

..They are selling off our land, our buildings, our services and our traders at an alarming pace, and have forgotten that they have been elected to serve the voters, not the financial sector. We may need to set up groups across Lewisham as we are in New Cross and Deptford, to give a voice to our campaigns, on schools, transport, housing, jobs, services and any other concerns local people may have. Our political leaders clearly do not give a toss...

The Big Society Breakfast

On June 30th over 700,000 people will be taking direct action against the cuts.

Public sector workers will be taking to the streets across the country to picket and protest, to defend public services and strike for the alternative. This is the biggest day of action yet against the cuts. Join the Big Society Breakfast to support the people on the pickets.

The government are making everyone else pay for a crisis caused by the bankers. They’ve targeted students, pensioners, people with disabilities, the unemployed, NHS workers and patients, and now they are attacking teachers and other civil servants.

UK Uncut are used to sit-ins, now it’s time to stand up with the people going on strike and the trade unions who are challenging the government. There are alternatives to their cuts. Make the banks pay for the crisis they caused, and stop tax dodging by corporations and the rich.

Picket lines will form on the morning of the 30th. Choose one or more lines in your area (we'll have a map up soon), and list or join an action on the UK Uncut website. Join those on strike, bring them a mug of tea and a breakfast butty, and show them that we’re all in it together against the government. Make links with your local trade union branches and anti-cuts group to build a coalition against the government.

In London, PCS union are organising a march followed by a rally at Westminster. It seems we've been set some challenges come the end of the rally...

See you on the picket line!

UK Uncut
Twitter @ukuncut

Deptford's Tidemill Campaign

Deptford says no to Tidemill becoming an academy

Press release 16th June 2011: Parents Demand Open Accounting

Following an urgent request from concerned parents in her constituency, Joan Ruddock Labour MP for Lewisham, Deptford has written to the Secretary of State for Education, Michael Gove, asking him to delay approval of any change in Tidemill School‘s status, pending independent scrutiny by the LEA of the school’s existing arrangements for managing its finances. The school’s accounts were last audited in early 2009.

The year-long Deptford Says No campaign was started by parents of children attending the primary school in Deptford, South London, in response to ‘SuperHead” Mark Elms’ plans to turn the school into an academy. Last year, they succeeded in obtaining an extension to the consultation period and uncovered a significant miscalculation in the financial figures upon which the original proposal was based; however, a reworked application was recently approved by the school’s governors and now awaits Gove’s consent to proceed.

A spokesperson for Deptford Says No explained that the campaign has been struggling to achieve the sort of transparency and clarity about the background to the move to which she felt parents and the wider community were entitled. When information was not forthcoming directly from the school, the campaign enlisted the help of the Freedom of Information (FOI) Commissioner in order to gain access to the minuted records of the school’s Board of Governors and Finance Committee meetings. In their letter to Joan Ruddock, they report that, on the basis of the documentation so far provided:

There would appear to be no audit trail of the decision to award Mark Elms substantial bonuses in 2009 and 2010. Given the increased budgetary autonomy enjoyed by academies, [...] there is significant cause for concern that the current arrangements for the school’s governance may not be fit for purpose.

In fact the school’s Chair of Governors, Keith Geary, has recently informed the FOI that the decisions in question were taken by a select group of governors and not minuted.
One parent commented:

Although there has been a consultation process, I don’t think that our views have been properly listened to. Our concerns as parents have still not been addressed. We are struggling to get the answers we need, especially in respect of the money involved. Tidemill is an outstanding school already, with a great mix of kids from all parts of the local community, so who exactly is going to benefit if it becomes an academy? Whose interests are being served here? It’s a big step, and as far as I can see, once it’s happened it will be irreversible.

The campaign can be contacted via:
Tel: Leila 07766710638
Follow us on Twitter

Friday 17 June 2011

Pop up Shops in London Deptford & New Cross

Deptford seems to be leading on the latest concept in retail, Pop up shops, Where local people take over a building and sell what ever they can for a short period of time.. Malpas road has a new pop up eating place, getting great reviews, i hope its success is not the reason the Toads Mouth Cafe and Garden in Brockley has gone up for sale, Whilst 2 of Deptfords most Colourful Charactors Professors Nod and Rod Miller from Albury street have set up a Pop up Gallery, Retro Cloths Store and Book store at Number 5 Albury Street Deptford, Knock on the door at number 9 Albury for viewing, or google Nod Miller. Com..This is a collection that is worth a visit, as a life time of Travil, Glamour, Music and Fashion, will insure this Pop up shop will be a great, but very short term addition to Deptford High street.If you love the 3 bed house, you can buy it for £379.000 freehold from
Not Content with these 2 new up starts in the Area, Logans Chemist on New Cross Road Deptford, is shortly to open as a pop up Tea Room, Book Shop, Furniture store. Art Gallery, picture house, poetry corner.meeting rooms and with Offices for the free use of any Community group to help run campaigns, defend services, or just a place to hold tenants meetings etc,The Tea Room will Sell Organic and Free trade,It will also offer a daily Meal for about £2, this will be cheaper than the Wonderful pie and Mash shops on the high street.. as a daily special to help people on a budget..but then who is not these days, it will also offer Vegan and Glutton free and Vegerterian dishes.. Staff will be wanted, so more part time jobs and will raise money to Fund Groups such as Lewisham People Before Profit, Library Campaigns, New Cross Community Council, and any other group that needs help, but supports the aims of LPB4P.

Thursday 16 June 2011

Cannon Wharf Business Centre Planning Application Update

Lewisham Councils Planning Committee meets on Thursday 23 June at 7.30pm in the Civic Suite Lewisham Town Hall. LPB4P have put forward a clear objection to the hight and raised real concerns about Transport Congestion, Poor air quality and the fact Lewisham Council is not looking at this planning application in the overall picture of the 5 other major developments set to start in Deptford. Lack of Health and Secondry school provision and jobs has been a key level of our concerns, we are also alarmed that Lewisham Council has still failed to answer questions, we
have submitted to the Mayor. We asked what are they Doing with the £4 million cash the Developer is paying Lewisham Council for consent.What are they doing with the money the developer is paying towards Education? and Why is the Council allowing planning permission which will see no more than 20% affordable homes being built? the Councils own development plan, states affordable homes must be 35% plus, This is clearly not happening in Deptford, Oxstalls Site will build no more than 18%, and out and out Scandle.The Public can attend the planning meeting, the only good thing about these plans, at
re that they will unlike any other development in the area, see real local jobs in the area.Something the Council should do more to encourage, as well as building family size homes for the huge numbers of local people living in over croweded flats, with many children packed so tightly into rooms, they have no space to play or do school work..

New Cross Sainsburys and Lewisham Small Traders

So not content with having the largest Store in New Cross, Sainsbury, the Store that claims to care about community is about to open yet another store on Lewisham Way, its aim to wipe out all Local competition, Close the pubs, by offering cheap booze, and leading to the closure of around 30 local traders, most of which only make a living during student term time, and most earn less than the Min wage. The Next meeting of the NMew Cross Community Council and Lewisdham People before profit meetings will seek to mobilise a campaign around defending small traders, only a week ago, i was in the Mercury and South London Press defending small traders in Catford faced with Eviction, As the Landlord, Lewisham Labour Council, plans to evict 30 small traders and replace them with a superstore who will pay more cash.. So in Lewisham, We should be taking Action against the Labour Party, for forgetting they are Elected to Serve local Residents, not the Financial Sector, and the The Labour party, was once about the Interests of the Poor, no longer, Labour are only interested in Money and Greed and to hell with the Voters.. How many more reasons do Lewisham Residents need not to vote for this shameless lot, The same crowed who campaigned to stop Library Closures, but still in the Council chamber, gave up principle and put career first, by voting through the closeures..

Saturday 11 June 2011

The Localism Bill - The most important in our lifetime

The Localism Bill is the most important bill on Local Government ever put forward in our lifetime.

Click here to go through the second reading of this bill, it could see us having the power to stop library closures and have much more of a say in Local Government.

Local votes could also see us stopping much of the mis-management of public money and having a real say on community impact ahead of profit.


Tuesday 7 June 2011

BBC1 Breakfast TV. Tops a great week for Press coverage

Having been given 24 hours notice to talk on BBC1 Breakfast time TV on Housing Regulation and Law. i set my question and answers in Motion, expecting a 30 second Slot and a token presence with the reporters slanting the news item, the way they see 8.15am Saturday after a mini film on Housing, i am caught of guard and instead of a fast 30 seconds, am told i must speak for 4 Minutes. Then come back for 9.10am for a further spot and debate with the Top Guy at Shelter. Sadly for the BBC, we were both clear and angry about the Goverments plans for Housing as part of the welfare reform bill, which as a director of the RLA, i have regular meetings with top Goverment people and MPs on the planned new Housing proposals. We all hate them. We should be building more Council and affordable homes, and not just expecting to attack private Landlords as villians on one hand, whilst expecting the same people to offer quality affordable homes to workers unable to secure a Council or Housing Association home.
After the BBC coverage, i get loads of emails from people reminded i am still alive and well, and over a bowel of Porridge or a fried Egg on Toast hit the Google search engine for my name. Will be spending the next few weekends catching up with people, even with the internet had lost contact with, or could it be, that a TV apperence a bit of press coverage, gives people after years an excuse to say hello.
Over past Week had Letters in Mercury and the South London Press and the Banbury Guardian. With the BBC, thought that would be it, But with Lewisham People Before profit people doing so much, it was great to see our Demo in Lewisham High street to Defend the NHS from This Goverments plans,in this weeks paper.
following on from the last Labour Goverment, that started all these problems. Barbara Raymond has Today hit the Front page and page 7 of the South London Press, not before time, she has been short listed for a Major award for her Work across New Cross and Deptford. If you feel you never have time to do anything, spend 10 mins with Barbara Raymond, at 70 plus, She is out of the house at sunrise, and rarely to bed before Midnight. Her good deads shame us all, whilst her Energy would exhaust a 5 year old. Barbara is all that is good about Community and shows out the best in people. it was just sad, in Mays elections she was not Elected as a Councillor for New Cross Ward, as a Lewisham People before profit candidate. , she was certainly the best Candidate, and today works harder and does more work for the area than the 9 Labour Councillor that were elected in May.

Catford Shopping Centre. Lewisham Councils White Elephant

Just as you thought it could not get any worse, The South London press, is reporting that Lewisham Labour Council who bought with local Tax payers money the Catford Shopping centre for £11.5 million pounds.
We are constantly told by Labour that these cuts are due to the Tory/Lib Dem Goverment, but this is clearly a pack of lies. We should all be asking why Lewisham Council thought it was ok, to use public funds to speculate on the commercial property market.
The report also goes on to state the deal, has gone wrong,up to 30 local traders may lose the small business units they presently trade from, whilst the whole deal is losing a small fortune. Labour Lewisham plan to kick out all 30 small traders and let the larger space as a superstore to secure more rent to cover the losses.This whole deal stinks, as Lewisham Council goes on to say they plan to develop the site and knock down Milford Towers Estate to build 1000 new homes..if this is the case, why would a huge Supermarket want to invest in a large store, if the council plans to knock it Down?.What will happen to all the people on Milford Estate?. How many of the new 1000 homes will be given back to replace the Council homes knocked Down?.If Any One in Lewisham out there is Still thinking about re-electing Steve Bullock or Labour in 3 years time...this reason alone should make rethink, and vote Lewisham People before profit Candidates..

Monday 6 June 2011

New Cross Community Council.

A new group is set to be launched tonight at Goldsmiths College. Main Building room 143 from 7pm tonight Monday 6th June.
Despite our best efforts as local residents . New Cross Library has now closed. Rather than just getting angry local residents have decided to get organised to make sure that in future the voices of the people of this area are properly heard, and that similar plans can be stopped in the future before they start. With so many Communty groups working under the Lewisham People before profit brand, this Group will seek to offer more focus on the SE14 postcode and it is hoped will offer a new active forum for local residents.The Deptford Communty Forum is seen by many to do a lot of talking, but we have yet to see many of thous who go take any real action.. Convoy Wharf prime Example, were Deptford and New Cross members of Lewisham People before Profit have over the past 2 years been the main voice of opposition, organising petitions, demos news letters, planning objection letters and putting forward alternative use ideas for the site. such as a Cable car linking Deptford with Canary Wharf, ( an idea that Boris loved so much, he nicked the Idea, and it will be built linking Greenwich with Docklands.)..and covering the entrance with... Community need, before private greed.. a slogan, which is still clear to read and popular with the locals.It is so easy to do nothing,. and yet in this community we have so many issues, and in the main it is Left to a Handful of People to do all the work...

Saturday 4 June 2011

New Cross Library

So Lewisham's Labour council has closed New Cross library two days early to

..."Protect the books and the space from vandals..."

Since when have local residents campaigning to save the library been seen as vandals? ..For seeking change from Labour's mismanagement and lack of vision?

They even had 17 groups wanting to take over the site. But Labour Lewisham said


Why? is almost beyond belief that a Labour Council is closing and cutting back services to the local residents in most need. They want to make political capital by giving the impression these cuts are all Tory cuts, when actually Labour planned much of the cuts and closures before the general election when it was still unclear who would win..

...Every Labour Councillor should be deeply ashamed at the way they are carrying out Mayor Bullocks orders. It also makes me sick to see Labour Councillors outside the chamber saying they support the Libraries, playing an active role in the movement, and giving false hope to residents seeking ways of coming together to put forward a community alternative....when they voted for the closure...!

They voted through the cuts (only the Greens and Conservatives voted to oppose the cuts).. Labour Councillors to their shame said one thing and voted another... They all deserve the order of the boot, and I hope at the next election, Lewisham residents vote them out for this breach of common sense and clear failure to abide by the must basic of laws.. to protect the interests of the residents that they are elected to serve.

NHS - The Nation's Religion

If anyone has doubts about the need for groups such as Lewisham People Before Profit, then this weeks headlines should give a clear signal that private profit should not be at the core of public services.

Both the appalling treatment of vunerable patients in a private hospital, and the scandal of the failing private care home chain are examples of what happens in a culture where profits are seen as more important than standards of care.

We have always put a clear case that profit is acceptable in the context of business, but that public services such as schools, hospitals, prisons etc should not be run for profit.

In the case of the care homes, the owners had taken every penny they could out of the business. They had sold all the assets and then leased them back at unrealistic rents paid to a different holding company.

This is profiteering which puts huge numbers of elderly pensioners at real risk. As a civilized nation, should we not be doing more to improve our public services?

As a country we should be celebrating what is great about the NHS...instead, the papers are full of news stories about poor care. But when you sack nurses and make savage cuts, it means one nurse has to look after over three wards on their own. And when doctors are working 14 hour shifts, many on call, working with broken sleep, how can we expect the service to be safe, and to deliver the quality of service we all expect?

Any failings are due to Labour's targets and the financial mess they left the country in. We cannot pass the blame onto front line staff, and then use cases like these as a sound argument to privatise the NHS.

....We have far too many managers in the NHS already.

We are the ones who understand how to improve the health service. The three main political parties clearly have no idea.

I hope that after this week's news coverage, the idea that the private sector can run the public sector will be clearly proven to be false. The case for public services to be well run, with sound financial management and NOT for profit, is at the very core of People Before Profit aims, and it should be seen as the real and only alternative to present goverment proposals.

Thursday 26 May 2011

Deptford High Street Planning Update on Betting Shop

Done Brothers ( Cash Betting ltd) have submitted an appeal against the Councils refusal to give planning permission for the 13th Betting shop on the high street. i would ask every one to email Mrs Ruth Howell Reference APP/C5690/A/11/2151228/nwf to; You should state that you support Lewisham Councils Objections to yet another Betting shop on the Following Grounds;
1/ It is not in Keeping with the Councils planning proposals for deptford high street,. which seeks to insure that the high street reflects a broad range of trades and is not taken over just by Betting Shops.
2/ Betting shops have a very negative impact on the Enviorment, in this very poor part of London, Betting shops encourage people to spend money they do not have.
3/ We have real conserns with the huge number of Betting shopss already in the area, these it is reoported are leading to further Drink related issuesw, break up of family units, due to the debt.
4/ Undermines the Quality of life for local residents and has negative impact on the large number of primary school children who attend schools close to this betting shop.
5/ The Goverment says that it supports Localism and residents choice, As Local residents, we do not wish to see yet another betting shop and the negative impact it has in our area on our quality of our Live, we therefore ask that you uphold the Objection made by Lewisham Council due to the huge number of Objections from Parents, Schools, Communty Groups, The Police and Local traders.

You may wish to odd other reasons. Please get every one you can to Email objections before 6th June.Thanks to a huge amount of work putb into this by Lewisham People Before Profit, advising the Planning Committee with grounds to Objecty, we did win the Support of the Council, we need to build on this and put forward huge Pressure to insure this Betting shop does not win on appeal.
Last date fopr objections is Thursday 9th June 2011...

Monday 23 May 2011

Lewisham Councils £4million Cash Cow

Lewisham Council constanly states it has no cash, and yet last Thursday at the open consultation meeting on plans for the Cannon Wharf Business development site on Evelyn street Deptford. i was told, whilst raising conserns about the development for Lewisham People before profit, that they were giving Lewisham Council a staggering £4 million pounds cash, plus Money for a bus service, of which local residents will not get any discopunt, but the bus company will do very well out of, and further money towards Education. In exchange the developers say they cannot make enough profit to give more than 20% affordable homes. The Councils own Housing plan states all developers must offer 35% but idealy 50%, But Lewisham Council has agreed on the Oxstalls Evelyn Street site in exchange for a further multi million pound kick back in 106 money, to reduce affordable home levels to less than 18%.The Fact Deptford and New Cross are seeing the worst of the Cuts, New Cross Library is the only one set to totally close, whilst the area is turning into a rich Cash cow for Labours Lewisham Masters, is not just a local Scandle, it is national one, as it clearly shows the Labour party is using the cuts for political advantage, expecting that local residents, will vote on mass for Labour, thinking these cuts are about the Conservatives, When the scale of the money developers are paying Lewisham could save and improve services.
We at lewisham People Before Profit, will under the freedom of information act will follow this money and demand that Lewisham Council spends this money as it is set up for, as Community funding, not for the wages of the Mayor or to cover waste and mismanagement.

Wednesday 18 May 2011

Lewisham Save our Library Campaign Demo at Ministry and Downing Street

Great to see Blackheath Library, and New Cross Library campaign well supported by Lewisham residents as we presented a petition to the Goverment with 25.000 signatures, the largest ever seen in Lewisham. We are still in the dark as to why the Goverment Minister has not called in Lewisham Council, who are clearly cutting front line services to gain political advantage. At a public meeting in New Cross this week, 2 woman present seeking to being yet another group of people seeking to take over New Cross Library, had to be told that all 5 Labour Councilors supporting there campaign, had all voted in Council to close the Library, Only Darren Johnson for the Greens had voted to save our Libraries. Clearly Labour are doing a great job in misleading the public, after all, the mess we are in, is caused by 13 years of Labour Greed and mismanigment and a Goverment who ignored conserns, and failed to regulate the financial Sector. As we presented our Petition to number 10.The papers are reporting, we are giving, £4.3 Billion pounds to bail out yet another European country, we are not even in the Euro.. so clearly the Goverment is awash with cash, as Lewisham is, but it is how you spend it. Lewisham Spent £6.5 million pounds last year on Consultants fees,Council own figures not mine... New Cross Library just needs £108.000 per year. Lets hope Voters reward Labour for there neglect of the poor at the next Elections. New Labour would still be making the Cuts that the Torys have in Place, is it any wonder Lewisham People before profit is growing as a true political voice and campaigning group across the UK, with World wide media interest, in our Campaigns to put Community need before private greed...

Songs To Sing at Protests.. our top 3 popular list

You can adjust the words to your area or issue of concern.

Save Lewishams Libraries. ( To the tune of The International.

Arise, ye readers from your slumbers,
Our libraries must stay intact.
Steve Bullock ( Labour Lewisham Mayor) Plans to cut their numbers.
Is a grossly stupid act.
A-a-Way with such machination
just to sa-ve one mil...lion pounds
expand our library provi..sion
the money simply must be found.

Then people , come together
sign petitions, spread the word.
if we all fight together
our voices will be heard.
so-o readers, dont falter;
cap council pay at fivty grand,
there.ll be the cash to a-as-lter
Mayor Bullocks awful plans....

Tory Toffs- to the tune of John Browns Body.

Young and old and black and white, join us here today
We must defend our services and make the bankers pay
were fighting for the future now and this is what we say
No ifs, No buts, no public sector cuts

Tory, Tory cuts no thanks, Sir
Nick and David love the nan-kers,
We think a load of------Tory Toffs
No ifs, No buts, no public sector cuts.

Our Hospitals and nurseries are there for human need
Our Libraries and schools are there to help our children read not there to make profit from or serve the bankers, greed.
No ifs, No buts, no public sector cut.
repeat Chorus....

Tidemills Update.. School Acadamy Head Resigns

In a shock move the Head of the Tidemills School in Deptford London, has resigned, just as he, and a handful of Governors have passed with just 3 votes, and no parent ballot, or parents say on the issue, a fresh application for Academy status. Tidemills is not a failing School, Ofstead rated it as a very good school.Lewisham People Before profit and all the Community groups in the area launched a major campaign to back parents in opposition to privatisation of the school, just before the last vote. Labour Lewisham and MP Joan Ruddock backed the campaign, to say no. The Governors voted 5 against 8 for, But a legal challenged was launched and won. We should all be very concerned that parents had no say, dispite Goverment saying Parents should always be consulted and have a voice. This was clearly not the case. The Tidemills School campaign is still fighting to keep the school in Council control, as most parents and all community groups wish. I wonder how a school can go forward as an acadamy,For a second time,. with such huge local objection, when the Guy who launced the idea , has said he is of to a better job in Croydon...If the School realy think this is such a great idea, every parent should be given a vote, Their children depend on it.The Chair of Governors, has stated if the Governors are split on the issue, they will not go ahead, so even at this level, 5 against 8 for, the idea must be dropped.

Tuesday 17 May 2011

Lewisham Libraries Update

After a huge campaign to stop the closure of 5 lewisham Libraries, Lewishams rotten Labour council has said it will not cut wages of highly paid staff in the council as proposed by Lewisham People before profit. The proposal we put forward would have saved £1.2 million on Labour lewishams own figures. but Labour is clearly seeking to use the front line services to make political atvantagev on the Conservatives, and to hell with the residents it was elected to serve....The Lewisham Anti Cuts Alliance & Lewisham People Before Profit are opposed to the privatisation of library services. They in a statement say; We are opposed to any changes that will lead to making librarians redundant or the worsening of their terms and conditions, and restrictions on library space and the avalability of books.

Lewisham Council has a responsibility to provide a publicly funded library service for local residents; making their survival dependent on the success or failure of business or charities is a risky move.

At Lewisham People Before Profit meeting on Monday, it was agreed to set up a seperate Library campaign group to oversea all librarys campaigns, support a legal challenge and give supportb to other library campaigns. it was felt the importance of the issue deserves a seperate working group, open to all who wish to take [part, with report backs to the LPBP groups at the general meetings.

We have been alarmed to discover that local people on benifit will be expectecd to work for thier benifits for these private companies and concerns.

Demonstate Next Wednesday 18th May at 10am outside Lewisham Town Hall Catford and at 12 noon we will be organising a demo outside the Department for Culture, Media and Sport in Cockspur Street, Off Trafalgar Square.

Bring Home made banners, we have a stunt planned and some members will be able to go to Number 10.

As i write this the Goverment Minister has called in the Council leader for Isle of Wight council to explain plans to close Librarys.. The fight goes on.. if you can oplease join the working party, come on the demo, or join the hard working community groups fighting across Lewisham to Save services and oppose the cuts, In Lewisham we need to fight Labour who clearly no longer represent the people they are elected to serve.

Saturday 14 May 2011

Lewisham Libraries Update

After a huge campaign to stop the closure of 5 lewisham Libraries, Lewisham's rotten Labour council has said it will not cut the wages of highly paid staff in the council as proposed by Lewisham People Before Profit.

The proposal we put forward would have saved £1.2 million on Labour Lewisham's own figures. But Labour is clearly seeking to use front line services for political advantage, and to hell with the residents it was elected to serve...

....The Lewisham Anti-Cuts Alliance & Lewisham People Before Profit are opposed to the privatisation of library services. They in a statement say:

"We are opposed to any changes that will lead to making librarians redundant or the worsening of their terms and conditions, restrictions on library space and the availability of books...

...Lewisham Council has a responsibility to provide a publicly funded library service for local residents; making their survival dependent on the success or failure of business or charities is a risky move."

At the Lewisham People Before Profit meeting on Monday, it was agreed to set up a seperate Library campaign group to oversee all library campaigns, support a legal challenge and give support to other library campaigns. It was felt the importance of the issue deserved a seperate working group, open to all who wish to take part, who will then report backs to LPBP at the general meetings.

We have been alarmed to discover that local people on benefit will be expected to work for these private companies and concerns.

Demonstate Next Wednesday 18th May at 10am outside Lewisham Town Hall Catford and at 12 noon we will be organising a demo outside the Department for Culture, Media and Sport in Cockspur Street, Off Trafalgar Square.
Bring Home made banners, we have a stunt planned and some members will be able to go to Number 10.

As I write this, a Goverment Minister has called in the Isle of Wight Council leader to explain plans to close libraries.. The fight goes on..

If you can, please join the working party, come on the demo, or join the hard working community groups fighting across Lewisham to save services and oppose the cuts.

In Lewisham we need to fight our Labour council, who clearly no longer represent the people they are elected to serve.

...In other news, the Hardest Hit march saw thousands of disabled people and their supporters march through London. This was woefully underreported by every newspaper except the Guardian.

Why is this??

Are disabled people not attractive enough to be featured on TV? Or does our media feel uncomfortable with the fact the cuts will further eradicate the quality of life of these venerable members of our community..the lack of coverage shames us all...

Saturday 7 May 2011

Anti -cuts campaigns - does anyone out there care?

Well, what a depressing set of election results.

Massive cuts in Public services, job losses, and the poor paying the price, and yet at local election level, the population en-mass, go out and vote for conservative councillors.

Whatever your view on the Lib Dems, is it really good for democracy that we are back to a 2 party state?

Even anti-cuts candidates and councillors, and Green councillors were wiped out.

In rural Oxfordshire, 'anti-cuts' and 'save our services' candidates polled just 12% on a 62% turnout at local level, whilst at district level, candidates running as 'Save our services- People before profit' secured more votes than Labour and Lib Dem candidates combined, but with 20% off the vote on a staggering 89% turn out, the Conservatives still won, with no drop in support.

The only good news of the night was the SNP winning in Scotland.

Also, the public seem to have clearly forgotten the record of the last Labour Goverment...

...PFI, the start of tuition fees, 6 wars, and the climate of greed and abuse of power, the old saying, 'a week in politics is a long time'.. sadly this is oh so true. The public seem to say we care and yet when they have a real choice, like turkeys voting for Christmas, they elect faceless party career politicians, instead of real caring community activists who have fresh ideas and vision and would really deliver service to local residents..

For those who voted Labour or Conservative on Thursday..

When you see your friends and neighbours lose jobs.
When you see your NHS services privatised.
When you see the services your family depend upon no longer there.

Remember, you could have voted for candidates and parties that would have defended and protected them. This goverment have a mandate to cut services and privatise services. Now, the huge turn-out across the country and the huge number of anti-cuts candidates defeated, gives them the power to carry on...

It is a sad day for The poor, The elderly and the disadvantaged..

We have gone straight back to to the 1950s..

Wednesday 6 April 2011

Betting Shop Victory for Deptford High Street. Residents Win Objection

Some times public anger and people working together can lead to success in hard times. with plans to open the 11th Betting Shop in Deptford high street ( Betfred ) residents groups such as Lewisham People before profit mobilized objections to planning law, and gave Councillors the clear legal grounds to object to this planning application.If we as residents do our home work, as clearly councillors are to busy to do, we can win on planning issues, as this case proves.the crazy thing about planning law, is that Bet Fred had to put forward an application for a licence, as legally the council, can not object, the consent was given, so they have a licence to run a betting shop in Deptford High street, but no planning consent to open.
I am always i think justly giving Lewisham Council a hard time.. on this rare occassion, i will say thank you for listerning...

Tuesday 29 March 2011

Oxfordshire against the cuts

I have had a number of emails from people looking to run as No Cuts people before profit candidates in Mays Local elections. Oxfordshire seems best placed to get people elected due to large numbers active in the no cuts campaigns. if you are interested, please drop me a line and i will put together interested residents. one of the best aspects of direct action, is the power to vote out Councillors who vote for cuts, think what a strong message we could give, by taking away all that they hold dear.. their Councillor allowance and prestige.

Monday 28 March 2011

The Great March for the alternative to the Cuts

And they came in the hundreds of thousands,So many people it was impossible to film, or even see the start or the finish, so fast was the numbers... meeting at Waterloo east. the loyal band of Lewisham people before profit supporters, were joined by hundreds of new faces, at first it seemed we would be just 5, introducing each other i had to give up .. as every 5 minutes yet another train pulled in to Waterloo station with even more Lewisham people before profit people , many for the first time, taking direct action, by taking part in the march..With a huge range of Banners . John Hamilton had spent half the night making banners on poles, light to carry, but blowing in the wind, a colourful sight,with ever more people joining our group. The noise, the singing the sense of friendship was terrific, whilst Digby the dog, wearing a coat, People before profit, was a mini star, hundreds of photos taken, our message being seen across the country..2 nights before we had held our Cuts meeting in New Cross, to find people had arrived from Southall,Tower Hamlets, whilst 2 students had come from Hatfield, whilst a French reporter arrived from France.. it seems Lewisham is leading in ideas and vision the anti cuts agenda, We are looking to build the people before profit group nationwide, and put forward candidates for elections every where we can... It is times like these, you realise how important our group is, only Months ago we were on the streets marching against the Labour Partys Illegal war in Iraq, this time the nation is marching against the Conservatives and Lib Dems.. The political system clearly no longer represents the people.. Labour like our Goverment, is failing our people big time..Seeing a Labour Leader speak at the end of the march,just made me want to throw up.. it was Labour who failed to regulate the financial sector that caused the mess, in Lewisham, it is Labour Councillors voting through cuts to front line services, but protecting own interests and perks..
If Labour is really set to oppose to these cuts, they should urge all Labour Councils to refuse to follow Goverment lines, i am sure under European Law, we could argue, these Cuts are a breach of some european law...

Friday 25 March 2011

Bellingham By-Election Result

So Labour the Local Party of Cuts has won a stunning victory in Bellingham, 51% of the vote makes alarming reading, on the door step, finding a local resident who said they would be voting Labour was near impossible, it seems the Labour voters,. support the cuts and with shame, blindly go into the polling stations, like Turkeys voting for christmas. The only good result was that the Lib Dems are no longer a power in Lewisham, this is the second local by_election they have had figures around the 300 mark. In Bellingham, they had a very good local candidate, with a solid record of service to Bellingham,In Better years this would have been an Easy Lib Dem Win.. and yet local people voted on mass to elect another yes to cuts voting.... Labour Councillor, who will be happy to close Librarys and Special needs centres, whilst paying out £6.5 million in consultant fees and paying senior Labour party councillors large sums in perks and allowances for being in the Cabinet.Ian Page, again a fantastic Candidate for Lewisham People before profit secured 12.5% of the vote on a clear no cuts agenda.. Lewisham residents need to wake up, whilst they still have services to defend. With the Lib Dems in freefall, they are clearly heading the way of the Irish Greens, who were wiped out in the Countrys General Election for supporting the unpopular Goverment.. This lead to Socialist and People before profit MPs being elected.. lets hope Lewisham follows the Irish Model.

Thursday 24 March 2011

Liz Taylor, The Great time we spent together

I have had the most amazing life, and spending time with Liz Taylor some 4 years ago, was unexpected, but great fun..i was taking her from Putney to Claridges Hotel, but having a bad back, she had decided i had the best car to get her to the hotel, her main concern was the fact, newspapers were reporting she had past away, so although ill, she felt she must face the world and prove the media reports wrong, for some 40 minutes, the Great Elizabeth Taylor flirted, gave an insight into a life, that was more than a Hollywood movie, and then out of the blue, decided she wanted to come back to my Home in New Cross for a cup of tea, deciding that i was offering much more fun than Claridges could offer, having writtern to the Evening Standard as part of a campaign to get her a gong, my letter was the letter of the week, the Standard turned it into a news item, and low and behold, she became a Dame, in my loo i have the Andy Warhol picture...whilst i have met a huge number of real A-Z stars, Liz Taylor, was fun, kind, down to earth, able to put any one at ease, amazingly short,Her work with Aids and her real acting talent,. will always live on, we shared the same Birthday, and the same Love of Purple..She is one real Star,The world with out her is a much darker place.

Monday 21 March 2011

Peoples Supermarket For Lewisham, Deptford or New Cross?

I have had great response to the Idea of opening a peoples supermarket, along the lines of the Channel 4 tv show, but as Deptford is set to have a public meeting to get together a friends of Deptford High Street, it may be a good idea to add to the agenda for such a meeting. i will ad the venue details and agenda as it comes together, you may have your own thoughts about it..please ad your comments, ideas, or just email. with the huge March on Saturday through the streets of London, The By-Election this week in Bellingham,most of us active in the community are fully booked up, so public meeting will take place in April/May, with full details going out on the Lewisham People before profit website, and through our News Letter and this Blog..

Friends Of Deptford High street

With Deptford High street in need of a helping hand, after years of Labour Lewisham Neglect, some readers of my Blog have come up with the idea of a Group;Friends of Deptford High Street, this would not just bring together the large number of Community groups and active residents and traders in the area, but would reach out to former residents, and visitors across the globe, giving us a real email data base to lobby the Council on Planning issues, and to promote all that is great about Deptford, and much more.... In Mays local Elections, Lewisham People before profit put forward the idea, one of many ideas.. to build a cable car linking Convoy Wharf, Deptford High Street, and Canary wharf, Lewisham Council with its total lack of Vision or interest, said it was a terrible idea, but Boris Loved it, as did Greenwich Council, and from 2012 Greenwich residents, Not Deptfords, will be seeing and enjoying the rewards and benifit of Lewisham People Before Profits, Cable car in Action...Only 2 years ago Deptford High Street was voted the best in the UK, but as with all things in Labour Lewisham, the Council missed a trick, and the chance of building on this, together with the Arts, dance, Music and Maritime History, was ignored...Deptford has far greater potential than Borough Market...Should we set up this Group? Does Deptford Need another communty group? Will people who come to the meeting do anything?.

Lewisham Terminal ill Care. Why do we not have a support Group?

Out over the weekend in the Bellingham BY-Election, met insperational Woman, coping with Cancer and having to keep the family together as a single mum with 3 children, having lived with Cancer and seeing my last partner pass away, i was only to aware of the lack of support for people, but i had thought in this day and age, funding and support was out and gave access to people across South London. One of the tough parts of dealing with death, is losing your friends and family support, many just keep away, unsure how or what to say, or even to scared, almost as if Cancer can be caught like a common cold..We really need to get a support group going, if you are seeking help and support or have friends and family that need help, or you can give time to get this crucial service up and running, please email or call me..We have all been given up on by the political party system, we can only look after ourselfs. i hope lots of you out their,care to help me do this...

Tidemills School Deptford, Parents Battle to, Say No, starts again

It would seem the No Acadamy Campaign, at Tidemills school in Deptford will have to start all over again. Parents inform me Today, that the school head is seeking to start the process again, even though the No campaign won the first round.. This school is a very great asset to the wider community it should stay as it is, a Great Local School with excellent grades in its Ofstead report.. Please support and Join the campaign, the No Campaign will be adding to this story, with Back ground and Action plan...

Saturday 19 March 2011

Cameron Goes To War, But For Who..?

So, yet again another UK prime minister is taking the country to war. The word I have from senior conservative contacts is that Libya got the support of the Arabs in exchange for turning a blind eye to Bahrain and Saudi and other rotten leaderships.

It would seem they think a fair war is one that has our commercial interests at the centre. Less than one year ago, the Labour Party were Libya's best mates, selling crowd-control weapons without as much as a by your leave....

Yes, we need to stop people being killed en-mass by despot dictators around the globe. But if we really cared, we would have stepped in to protect the population of countries like Zimbabwe, where our country has a real connection. Instead we do nothing to protect the population because there is no commercial interest.

How can you win a war when the population is split and the leadership has called a ceasefire? This could last years, may never be won, and will cost us a bucket-load of cash at a time we are told we have no money.

Hundreds of our armed forces have been killed in Labours illegal war, whilst the MOD is seeing massive cuts in arms and man power...our new prime minister, like Blair before him, is set to go to war just to make his mark in History...

.. Who will be the real winners in this?

Friday 18 March 2011

Lewisham Unions set to drop funding for the Labour Party

At Lewisham Trades Council meeting this week, Members voted to cease funding the Labour party, for failing to protect local services, and for making such savage cuts to services.George Hill Unite Chairman has writtern to the unions leadership calling on them to fund Councillors,Who vote for and campaign against the cuts.This is a national trend, across the UK, local branches are under huge presure from working members to stop funding the Labour party, and only fund politicians opposed to the cuts...Such as Lewisham People Before Profit, The Socialist Party and others..With a clear alternative to the cuts, the Labour Party clearly has lost the plot, not satisfied in bringing the country to its knees,by failing to regulate the financial sector, in its new love of greed, self interest and filling their own pockets.. it is carrying out Tory Policy with out as much as a by your leave...

Fight The Cuts, Get Ian Elected In Bellingham

Thursday 24th March is By-Election day in Bellingham Ward,Lewisham just 2 days before the National, March in London Against the cuts, What a great start to the march, to see Ian Page elected as the First Anti Cuts Elected Councillor in London..If any one can come and help, man polling stations, deliver news letters, call on voters... we can win this, we just need every one to come and help.