Friday 29 June 2012

Food Parcels for New Cross and Deptford

As more and more food banks open across the UK, i am looking at opening one in New Cross and Deptford, the aim would be to give food parcels to any one in need, and would not focus one group or another, but would offer free food parcels to any local resident in need..clearly it would need to have some sort of control to insure the food is not abused or taken and sold on, or undermines any other food programme in the area. We have several in Deptford, but none that offer help to any person in need of support. If you think we do, or will have a need in our Community for this, i would welcome your feed back or comments. With Universal Credit coming in, and prices going up, whilst local incomes go down, i hope i am not alone in looking to do something to help. Last week on Radio 4, a Woman was talking about her family, the fact her Husband had a small cleaning company, that was fast losing contracts due to the economic climate, less money had and family pressure had lead to her going without food secretly , whilst on 2 days she kept her children from school claiming they were ill, as she had no money or food in the house to put in the Childrens lunch box. Needless to say, it is the total abuse and neglect of the poorest members of our community by both this Goverment and the Last Labour Goverment, that drives my passion to see People before Profit candidates elected.

Addey & Stanhope school Deptford and New Cross School Places

After 12 years of campaigning for a new secondry school for Deptford and New Cross, in which the Schools campaign lead to a member being elected for New Cross, and was part of the original group that has since become Lewisham People Before Profit. Labour Lewisham have failed yet again to address a very real problem, by increasing the presure on local schools as they have agreed proposals for increasing provision at Addey & Stanhope school in Deptford. The new sixth form will be located on the main school site converting the schools gym, into new classroom space. The School wants the sixth form to specialise in science and technology. The Council admits that many local children travil as far as Dartford and Richmond for schools. Lewisham Council have relentlessly sold of land to private development, instead of standing firm and investing in more schools for the present and future school place problems. The Present Deptford Green School,( pupils of which will move in September , to the New Deptford Green school Building on Angus Street Se8.) would be a perfectly decent site to be refurbished as a new school for Lewisham, this would offer the least expensive option. The Council also has a massive shortage of primary school places that also needs addressing, i am fully aware from local parents who are sending small children as far as Stockwell in Lambeth for scholl provision, this is clearly not exceptable and once Lewisham People before Profit win Control of Lewisham Council, Schools and Housing will be issues we deal with from day one. A view also held by our Candidate for Mayor. John Hamilton.

Wednesday 27 June 2012

June 2012 Latest Update on Convoy Wharf

After the Original plans were thrown out, after a 12 year campaign by local residents. A fresh public Consultation has been organised by the developers for Saturday 14 July from 10am-3pm and Monday 16th July from 5pm-8pm. The Venue; Deptford Lounge, on the first floor, 9 Giffin Street Deptford Se8. Whilst they are asking residents to confirm attendence, by phone on 0207 636 6603 or via email we would still urge residents to still go. You can read my earlier postings on the campaigns and objections from the People before Profit team on other postings on this BLOG.

Monday 25 June 2012

Deptford and New Cross in Olympic Deal

Yes, i am not a great supporter of the Olympic Games, these days it has everything to do with Money and brands, and nothing to do with Sport or Community, this aspect is just the side show. However having been aware that it was coming, i did deliver news letters to every home in New cross and Deptford seekling to find local residents looking to move out, and make some cash, after all, all local residents have been paying for these games through Council Tax increase and the cost of the tickets is way beyound the price local resident could afford. On Friday we at last agreed contracts and My social business Estate Agents Housemartins, has been awarded Contracts to house Doctors working for Locog the games organiser and The Austrian Olympic Committee. This will lead to thousands of pounds going into the Deptford and New Cross Economy. We will be giving part time work to local residents to Clean and offer Guide services and support across the Games. we will be using local Dry Cleaners and Launderettes and will be taking on 3 long term staff members. We have through our new website been able to create a year round holiday business, from our website that is seeing people across the Globe, seek to visit as Tourists Deptford and New Cross, not just for the Olympics, but throughout the year. Home owners intend to use the money to pay of debt,fit new Kitchens and or Bathroonms, help out family members, whilst any home improvements will be carried out by local traders. All these extra visitors to the area will be encourage to shop and eat out in New Cross and Deptford, take in a Band, an Art show or just enjoy all that is good about the area so many of us love as home. Something for the Young; Part of the deal will see a free sports event in New Cross with an Olympic team coming to play sport with local kids. Housemartins will be as it has always done over the past 12 years, spend the profit it makes by giving funding to Community groups and campaigns. I hope that you will see the benifit that bringing hundreds of new visitors to Deptford and New Cross can do.I only wish Lewisham Labour Council had as much passion for Deptford Future as thous of us that call it home.

Deptford High Street on the BBC

Whilst most people enjoyed the resent programme on the BBC, about the history in the BBC programme makers view of Deptford High Street. See my link and you can watch on an earlier blog posting.. .This weekend local residents homes had delivered a very expensive looking brochure raising concerns and headed.. Putting the record straight. Sadly whilst i have never taken as fact much of what i read in the press or hear and see on the TV,in my view it all has an agenda to control. Do you really think News International publishes news papers for the benifit of the poor and the community?. Whilst the people behind this alternative view of Deptford High street may have a real case, it does not help your case, when you fail to disclose at any point in the brochure as to who is publishing it, who is behind it, and who has paid for the substantial print bill and door to door distribution. not every Deptford resident has internet or access to it, and i still find it staggering that so many residents in this position go unnoticed.

457 Cafe closure and other News in June

Sadly today Nicola and her partner have had to close the cafe. A total lack of community support has left them with no choice, following on from the tragic closure of Come the revolution. It seems that unless you open as a brand, or turn yourself into an expensive hang out for rich students, the chance of a community cafe working and giving real jobs and free community and gallery space to local residents does not have a future. I have seen some great Goldsmith Shows and seen some truly wonderful stuff carried out at this cafe, but you cannot run a community cafe without the support of the community, who clearly have not been supporting it for quiet some time. From today New Cross and Deptford has lost a Community and Gallery Space, i am constantly told is needed. The Good News; Harts Lane Studios, the former Garage repair centre, taken over by People before profit, to stop Labour Lewisham from selling it of for just £15.000 is growing from strength to strength. John Hamilton has done some amazing stuff with this space, and on Sunday the 3rd Open day was another huge success, with wonderful art exhibition, and live bands and singers playing in the street and on the roof, as a free event, it was good to see people before profit putting back an empty building into a truly community space, that going by the crowed on sunday, truly reflected the people that live in the area. Having won the Housing Campaign with Lewisham Council, after Barbara Raymond secured 7000 votes in the GLA election, insuring People before profit came second in our key target wards, and giving us a real chance of getting Community Councillors Elected in next round of local Elections . We did have something to celebrate, Both South London Press and Mercury put our Victory for Common senses as main front page story, whilst other media also ran with the Story such as the BBC. We may not have won the GLA seat, but we are winning the Housing campaign, clearly shows, when you vote People before profit, your vote, for once, truly did and does count. ,Make sure you are on the voters roll for the next round of elections.

Monday 18 June 2012

South London Press Report Housing Campaign victory

The South London Press, on friday confirmed that on May 39th at cabinet meeting, The Labour Council have agreed in full with our Housing campaign, They will no longer sell of our homes, they will get a local not for profit organisation to refit andv refurbish all the homes, whilst giving jobs and training to local people without work. It goes to show that when a community is united and vote in the numbers they did for Barbara Raymond in May, we can Win, and we can make a difference.

Wednesday 13 June 2012

Deptford High Street a BBC History Lession

It seems that Lewisham Council has not changed over the years. The telling part of this good history programme, was to discover that the council reason to knock down the original period buildings in the area was based on some one making a lot of money , as secret papers seen by the BBC , clearly show thev reasons that were given to evict local people and families who had lived in the area for Generations was based on the secret papers state clearly, these were decent homes that should never have been knocked down in the first place. I hope you enjoy this Deptford History.

Tuesday 12 June 2012

Central London Short. holiday and Olympic lets

If you are looking to stay in the best parts of Central and South London, for the Olympics or just to visit friends then the best site to view is they offer Romantic 400 year old Thatch Cottages in the Cotswolds from £230, to Urban pads in Greenwich, Deptford, Rotherhithe and London Bridge. If you are on a budget, just email what you are looking to spend, and you could fine you secure a very good bargain at the rate you want to pay,not the website rate.

Friday 1 June 2012

Housing campaign Victory update .May 2012

Lewisham Council Cabinet at a meeting held last night 31st May 2012, have agreed to the aims and objectives of our Housing campaign, by Removing from sale all the homes occupied by Lewisham People before Profit, and agreeing to have the homes refurbished by local social enterprise housing groups that will offer real jobs and training to local people, whilst bringing back to life these family homes,. to local residents in real housing need. After a very long campaign, Hundreds of signitures and thousands of Votes for Barbara Raymond, the people before profit GLA candidate in May local Elections.. Lewisham Council has listerned and acted..we are all truly delighted that common sense has won through.. Our Campaigns for jobs, affordable housing and in defence of cuts to front line services goes on. We may not have won the Election, but your votes, helped us win the Battle.Full details of LPBP website.