Wednesday 25 November 2015

Homeless rough sleepers and food banks this Christmas

Ray woolford (@Raywoolford) Click on the Blue link. Al;so donate via We Care food bank Face book page
Last night I had this idea 4 us ALL 2 help @streetskitchen & WeCare this Xmas .My office Window .done yours?

Tuesday 24 November 2015

Carol Anne Grayson . Activist .Film maker. Insperation

Click on the blue link. Listern to Carol on my Radio Talk Europe shopw 12-1pm Friday December 4th.
Oscar winner? The Newcastle nurse turned campaigner and film producer
Whisleblowers of the future how to do it

Thursday 19 November 2015

Junior Doctors Strike. Whats it all about? Listern to best Talk radio show chat on subject

My new current affairs show from the view of the 99% is broadcaste 12-1 UK time first Friday in the month.
This show is about 1 hour long, so put the kettle on...then click on the Talk radio blue link .

Ray woolford (@Raywoolford)
Junior Doctors strike ! WhAts it really about ? Lister to our Radio Talk show best current affairs news show 4 99%…

#foodbank Ray woolfords must read best selling book on rise of food banks.

Paul Howsley (@PaulHowsley)
Interview with founder of We Care food bank & author of 'Food Bank Britain' Ray Barron-Woolford via @PaulHowsley

Monday 16 November 2015

British Steel Industry . The human story from a Steel Workers wife

I have consistantly raised the Question /; Why do we not stop cheap steel imports to protect our Industry? USA did just this, ignoring trade deals and agreements. So clearly can be done. Click on Steel workers blue line to read.

Anna Maven (@ssi_wife)
@TPeoplesNews please read and retweet my blog The human impact of the SSI closure #SaveOurSteel