Thursday 23 November 2017

#Budget2017 Ray Barron-Woolford talking what needs 2B done #Housingcrises #NHS #UniversalCredit #right2buy #foodbanks #foodbankbritain

My interview in the news room last night prior to the budget & my thoughts as to what it should contain !

The must read book for everyone with an interest in this sector is food Bank Britain , on sale from ALL booksellers or online  

#universitycredit Ray Barron Woolford Interview on its impact and needs from #Budget 2017

My take on #Universalcredit with my mate Charlotte on this evenings RT Television news ! My Second night on the main news , although last night in studio was able to talk & get across all my issues & Gov concerns

My book is Food Bank Britain on sale from ALL book outlets and online 

Wednesday 15 November 2017

#londonTerrotrattack #ChristineArchibald #ChrissySentUs #JustSayChrissySentYou

This latest article on one of my best community projects.
If you would like a free flask for your out reach project or willing to donate, direct mail me or go to Gofundme Christine  Archibald  appeal . Click on the link

#UniversalCredit being interviewed for RT television on the likely impact of this reform being rolled out at #Christmas . Poverty the media story of our times

Thanks to my book Food Bank Britain, have been invited to share my concerns on Universal Credit which will make a terrible impact on millions this Christmas, for a news programme going out on RT Television  one of a long line of media interviews on this issue.
My point is that the concept of a single welfare payment not unlike a basic universal wage, is a great idea...but here is the catch, this is being imposed at Christmas when most people are in need of fuel to keep warm, the school holidays and all the economic pressures that Christmas puts on families, so to stop people having  any income in December and having to wait until January , is not just a bad idea, in my view is cruel and mean spirited, but then Welfare from this Government long ago moved away from being about help and support for people most in need, to be a punishment  for those  at the bottom of the food chain, although the Mrs May seems to have not noted that some of the hardest hit by this policy will be the self employed and small business the back bone of the UK economy who need people with pounds in their pockets to spend at Christmas, further more, this Gov seem to think that the crises can be addressed and picked up by the only growth from this Gov, Food Banks, which clearly they cannot be expected to feed millions more than the 3 million plus they already do as direct result of Gov ill thought out policy agenda.
My RT Television spot should be on your screens first week December, Will the Gov listen? Clearly not Hate, bashing the poor is very 2017 .
Buy my book, clearly we are going to need the funds it produces to feed ever more people in the coming months.

Monday 13 November 2017

Kath Duncan #LastQueenOfScotland the stunning new play & Book by Ray Barron -Woolford Published December 2017

Just delighted that i have at last finished the play i never thought i would write to promote a book and a Woman we should all be taught about from primary school .
This is the cover i have chosen, just waiting for final proofs and setting to be done to go to print, although will also be available  on Kindle etc . Come see the play ;

I am so pleased people are supporting the call for Kath Duncan in the year we celebrate 100 years of #Women #Activism to be recognised as the National #WorkingClass #Hero she was. i just hope YOU come see this extraordinary production with the most diverse and talented cast to be found on any stage..hear her story, get a ticket .
The International Deptford Heritage Festival will pay homage to Kath Duncan 100 years on from key civil and LGBTQ rights battles with a production of the play Liberty. Red Blouse Theatre, a local radical theatre

Easington Colliery Peterlee Durham 2 bedroom miners cottage to let £92 per week No fees

My We Care housing project has this charming 2 bedroom cottage to rent long term own the stunning Durham Heritage  coastline.
The Cottage is to home some one who is in housing crises this Christmas and is community minded  as this area is extremely friendly and the way we allocate homes is to people in need, such as homeless friends , victims escaping domestic abuse, homeless friends that find it impossible to get housing, because they have pets. We allow pets.
The Cottage has been totally refurbished with brand new kitchen and bathroom. 2 double bedrooms and a small rear yard, however you are in a stunning location with the sea just feet/yards away and stunning countryside, whilst the wonderful historic and university city of Durham is just a bus ride away or 5 miles by bike.
The Cottage is Available NOW.
Email me if you need the cottage or are a project that is looking to home clients in crises.
We give priority to people who have at some stage before finding themselves in housing crises have helped others, Be it in tenant association, Union, charity shop worker. Charity fund raiser or home care worker.
This place is a wonderful opportunity for some one friends or family to get a fresh start in an area in which every one says hello .

Friday 10 November 2017

Kath Duncan Liberty my new play on the struggle 4 civil liberties based on true historical events as published in my new 2B published book #LastQueenOfScotland

When i started my food bank four  years ago, i never thought three  books later i would have spent three years researching  the life of a woman , in my view probably the most important civil rights activist of the past 100 years and shamefully erased almost from history in Scotland and UK.
My book Last Queen of Scotland will be out after Christmas , but my play and this chapter in Kath Duncan life will be published December, so hope you  buy a copy, best £10 you will spend, supports my work and helps restore this amazing woman to her rightful place in history.
I hope every drama , theatre production group across the world will think about performing this play, based on true events that lead to the establishment of The National council of Civil Liberties, that to day we call LIBERTY.
I do find it amazing that more people in the UK no about the USA civil rights movement than the one in their own country, i hope this plays, does Kath and the story justice.
These are the 3 cover designs for the play-Book, which from 1-3 do you think is the most commercial and most likely to buy tickets ore the book ?.
You can direct mail me to order a signed copy ready for Christmas.
Welcome interest from Publishers and Theatre groups looking to perform this play. The first time the story of UK civil rights movement been written .

Monday 6 November 2017

Million Mask March London 2017 #Millionmaskmarch

With the budget set to profile housing as a key objective or news paper headline, i chose to use this years Million Mask March to highlight just one of many issues the Gov  must address to end the housing crises