Friday 1 July 2011

Labour Party a disgrace..Say Union Leaders

Are the public really happy to support the Goverments aim at putting public sector workers , against workers in the private sector?.Because clearly that is what is going on. I live with a Teacher, so have first hand experience at seeing how hard teachers work, not just during School hours, but at night, weekends and much of the School holidays. My partner had a choice, a great mind, and had the chance of working in the City earning big bucks or becoming a low paid teacher, teaching gives  real job satisfaction, the pay back, in retirement a decent pension for the low pay teachers earn. Much of the monthly pay goes to tax, and to put money into a secure pension, when you do not earn a lot, you cannot save as much as many in the private sector, so a pension for many is all they have. The private Sector pension market has seen thousands of workers lose life savings and pensions, Maxwell, Equitable Life and more. Is it therefore so wrong that we seek to Support teachers and reward them for the great work they do, of which we all benifit?
At yesterdays demos across London, from Deptford town hall to Westminister, every one was angry that yet again the Labour Party is not supporting the workers, The statement by the Leader of the ATL union, that the Labour Party was a disgrace was widely cheered and reported on BBC & Channel 4 News. Union Branch members across Lewisham and the Country are calling for Union subs to be no longer paid to the Labour Party, and that Unions Give money to groups who support workers Such as Lewisham People Before Profit, who already have wide Union support and active members from the Unions, some of which give money to the Group. Across the world People are demanding Change to the political System, saying it no longer represents them... This is Clearly not only the case in the Middle East,were we are seeing people standing up against tanks and bullets and laying in the streets, with death just yards away, how brave and insperational are these regular people, demanding to be listerned to, and willing to die. Or Greece,were we are loaning them even more money, money they can never afford to pay back, but the banks have to be seen to be paid, so they loan greece money to pay back the last loan they could not afford to pay, whilst the young and old pay the price of our rotton Capitalist system, that sees the Bankers and our Leaders get ever richer, on the backs and hard labour of the population, selling off every thing the Country owns just to Pay back the Banks, with no plans for Growth, will see the Debt never repaid.Greece like the UK, needs a new Political system. Iceland you all may recall, was Bust not so long ago, the UK bailed them out, the Goverment held a referendum but  Today Iceland has refused to pay back the money it does not have.. The world still goes on, Icelands People still have Food ,Homes and Jobs..

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