Friday 19 October 2012

Deptford Green School and the Labour demolition Job

Lewisham has a huge Shortage of School and Primary Care places, Special needs, Adult Education have all been cut back or, closed, whilst Amersham Early Learning centre in New cross and many other education projects have closed, or fight almost daily to keep open. Lewisham Council in its Labour wisdom, have chosen to knock down and raise to the ground a perfectly good school building that up to July was packed with children getting ready to move to the New Deptford Green School Site. The cost to build a new school is around 30 Million, and yet over a couple of weeks Labour thinking, as always short term and without any thought to the long term needs of the boroughs Children, the impact on the population from the thousands of new apartments being built, and the children that will follow, think the perfect solution to a school placement crises is to waste 30 million, by Knocking down this School. Am i alone in being shocked at the short sightedness of these Labour actions?. Lewisham Council say the reason the school is being raised to the ground, and a small park made, is due to the amount of Fordham Park that was taken by the new school, People before profit, would have insured that the new school grounds and sports areas would be open to all local residents, with the old School being retained to deal with the urgent and very real need for more, not less school places and that another area in New Cross would have been used to replace the small park area taken by the new Deptford green school. Sadly we all have to wait until 2014, until we can vote these Cowboys out of office.

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