Tuesday 2 December 2014

Barbara Raymond Elected first Black political party leader in British history last night.

Press Release;

Last night at its annual AGM , Lifelong community and political activist Barbara Raymond was elected Leader of www.peoplebeforeprofit.org.uk to take the party through the 2015 elections until December 2015.

Barbara Raymond was the party’s GLA candidate securing 7% of the vote across Greenwich and Lewisham at the party’s first attempt.

In the Evelyn Ward By Election Deptford a seat in which Labour party used to secure 80% of the vote, Barbara secured 23% of the vote securing more votes than UKIP, Tory, Lib Dems combined.

In Mays Local elections Lewisham People Before Profit put forward candidates in every ward in the Borough coming second to Labour in 6 wards beating UKIP, All peoples Party, Tusc, Lib Dems, Torys, and the Greens, with a borough wide percentage of 15% gaining solid ground on years of community activism without any national media profile, a truly awesome achievement

The selection of Barbara Raymond will help insure in South London the election will be fought not by Bigotry and hate,  reminding the public of the Fact our NHS and out public sector would not exist without the input of immigration. But on the issues that truly matter; Inequality. Low Pay , Housing crises Privatisation and Cuts .


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