Wednesday 6 May 2015

Deptford Heritage Festival Thanks to huge support

Thanks to all the amazing people that made #DeptfordFestival so much fun. although interesting same day i make complaint about the Council a report appears in local press saying this event was a flop and no one attended other than PB4P activists. Just check out the hashtag to see the true scale of events as we had hoped to reach around 2000 people and got much closer to 5000. This was a heritage festival will amazing line up of events see  Huge number of local bands and performence from wide range  of #Deptford creative talent. Looking forward 2 the next.
Seems my mad trolls who do nothing for Deptford but Bitch are in full overdrive , so should get my twitter account past the next 1000 mark and retain this blog as the most read in the borough.

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