Sunday, 8 November 2015

Ray Woolford and Pippa Jones Talk Radio launch best Current affairs programme on the planet

Goverment NHS policy is likely to see more and more Doctors and Nurses Jailed, whilst in Paris at end of November the largest climate change conference will take place with biggest street protests across the globe, thanks to the succes of my book " Food Bank Britain " which i trust you have all bought a copy in solidarity has lead to me given a job as a Co host on a Talk radio main stream media , which allows me to talk about the issues i care about and address the crap that is pumpet our as news through our National media networks, i need you guys to blog. tweet. face book and at very least listern to my show with pippa , send in your ideas and campaigns that you are looking to raise awareness and use this The Best Current affairs show in the world to engage and win our struggles.12-1 UK time first friday in every month. You can click on the following talk radio link and hear the first show which is 1 hour long and tell your fellow activists and friends that we have a media show that supports OUR politics not the 1% .
Pippa Jones Radio (@RadioJonesPippa)

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