Saturday, 4 June 2016

Ray Woolford on Talk Radio Europe Show talking.. #Toryelectionfraud

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It´s the first Friday of the month which means that I welcome my co-host Ray Woolford.....
And we start with a story that you wont find elsewhere. The ‪#‎Conservativeelectionexpenses‬ and ‪#‎fraudscandal‬ threatens to plunge the government into crisis, as police forces across the country investigate its candidates’ election spending. With allegations of micro-targeting voters in marginal sets and paywalling, this looks to go right to the very top and Ray has the news on this which could completely destablise the basis on which the Tories won the last election.
What is going on with the British prison service ? 33.000 prisoners were injured last year whilst in custody. Children in state care are going from children's home to prison and make up third of all inmates ! An ambulance is called to a British prison every 20 mins ! We talk to former deputy mayor for policing in London ‪#‎LeeJasper‬ as the government rolls out plans for more privatisation, in a year that a record number of prison staff were arrested & in some cases jailed for, among other things, smuggling heroin & other drugs into jails !
Last week saw the government bring in legislation on the use of so-called ¨legal highs¨. Some experts warn that this is a flawed legislation and we will speak to Amanda Feilding, Countess of Wemyss, of ‪#‎theBeckleyFoundation‬ who will speak to us live from Amsterdam where she is attending the 2016 Interdisciplinary Conference on Psychedilic Research where global experts will be looking at, amongst other things, therapeutic potential of psychedelic drugs for conditions such as PTSD, anxiety, depression and addiction.
Middlesbrough Institute of Modern Art (‪#‎MIMA‬), is one of the UK’s leading galleries for modern and contemporary art and craft. It´s aim is to shake up the art world and make the disciplines accessible to the masses and for the masses- It does this by drawing in themes from unlikely sources and opening up it´s open spaces for use by a homeless choir. Elinor Morgan is one of it´s curators and she will tell us about what they are doing and why.
A recent report reveals an alarming figure, that one in five children under the age of five in the UK are being referred to social services. Recent high-profile cases of toddler abuse have caused a 'climate of fear' to fester among those working with young children, leaving care agencies terrified another death will be reported on their watch. Marilyn Hawes of ‪#‎EnoughAbuseUK‬ joins us to tell us what is wrong with the system of protection.
Wim Zwijnenburg of Dutch organiation ‪#‎PaxforPeace‬ is Policy Advisor on Security & Disarmament and he joins us to highlight issues with the many war zones that we have around the world and focus on Iraq and the people who are suffering.....lest we forget. The operation for Fallujah has come at a dire human cost, with thousands of civilians trapped between ISIL fighters and the advancing Iraqi army.
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