Friday, 1 July 2016

Labour Party. Ray Woolford. Steve Topple and more on Talk radio Europe TODAY 1 July 2016

Today at 12pm UK time RADIO JONES is back....
With the first Friday of the month bringing my co-host Ray Woolford to share the airwaves with me and we will start by looking at the end of the longest running war in the western hemisphere...that of the Columbian four-sided war that has involved narco cartels, rightwing paramilitaries, the leftist guerrilla Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (the Farc), and the government army..
‪#‎JeanLambertMEP‬ will join us to speak speak from the EU and Green Party perspective about Brexit.
And then we will hear from Martin Winiecki whose perspective on the impact of Brexit on Europe is robust and frankly very encouraging. Capitalist globalization has corroded the social fabric of societies around the world, destroyed solidarity among people and established an anonymous hyper-individualized climate of fierce competition, loneliness and struggle for survival. Is this a new beginning fro Europe?
The brillian London Gp Youssef El-Gingihyis well placed to present an analysis of the political turmoil in Britain working within the NHS and experiencing the impact that various government policies have on the healthcare system. His concern now is that if the Labour party dont find a solution to the Blairite-Corbynite divide within their ranks, then the country will be exposed to an ever-stronger far right agenda at the hands of the Tories. He talks to us from London today.
Steve Topple has provided some of the most enlightened and substantiated commentary over the last week and continues to do so. He is a commentator who shold be read and listened to if you wnat to ensure that you are getting the facts and not the fiction often presented by the mainstream news sources. Today he will present some interesting information about the infighting within UK politics.
And it is shown that child-rearing in the USA mirrors the social and political climate of the times and with the surprising scenario being played out on the political stage currently on the other side of the pond, ‪#‎PaulaFass‬, author of The End of American Childhood, takes a look at the idea of children being raised as the States gears up for a controversial election.

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