Monday, 9 January 2017

Lewisham Council campaign for Deptford school safety signs

After launching the Lewisham People Before Profit campaign to insure every lorry and truck driver working on the increasing number of developments in the area are made aware that we have 6 primary schools, 4 children centres and 3 care homes in Deptford . i am shocked that the welfare of local residents can be ignored  by our Labour Council, when i raised this as an issue with Lewisham Council as a question, they replied that they would look into it..and yet Deptford schools are probable the only ones in the UK that have no school awareness signs or basic road markings to warn the many truck drivers using  our residential roads.
Since my last Question and after our campaign was reported in the South London Press at least two local residents have been hospitalised  and yet still no signs, but Labour Lewisham have put up new signs on the entrances to Brookmill Park Deptford , to remind local dog owners the park does not allow dogs , but cannot erect a basic school safety sign..I have therefore today raised a further question to Council that reads.

* Brook mill park has just received new signage to highlight ban on dogs, and yet Deptford Schools are still without a single sign to highlight school awareness to increasing number of lorries pouring into the areas developments and since Lewisham People Before Profit launched the campaign reported in the South London Press, 2 local residents have been hospitalised.
As we have made the council aware of the risk to local residents, does the council have an idea as to how many more local residents must be hit by lorries and trucks before basic school safety signs outside almost every school in the UK , will be displayed in Deptford Schools?*

I will post Council responses once i have it.

Ray Barron-Woolford and Babara Raymond

Lewisham People Before Profit  . See attached image of what most schools have.

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