Saturday, 8 April 2017

Bakerloo Line extension and impact on New cross and Deptford , #Lewisham

Bakerloo line extension and its impact on jobs in New Cross and #Deptford
I have just attended Transport For London consultation on the tube line extension and slightly agog i seem to be the only one that has noticed the plans for a new, New Cross Gate station , that will lead to the demolition of all shops on the commercial site including Sainsburys, and more importantly the loss of hundreds of jobs that many local young people and woman with children , depends upon in part due to the flexible working hours, therefore the loss of these jobs would be devasting to local families in the area and off course the substantial loss of business rates these commercial units presently pay.
Many of you maybe aware of the location will note on the right of the station is a substantial land area which in my view would work better as a station site as would improve disability access and would be far better for families with buggies etc..the other real area of concern will be the loss of yet another petrol station, in the real world most people at some point need transport other than a bike and with the petrol station going on Evelyn street as part of the wider Timberyard development , The deadline to express your concern is this coming 21 April .

email post Freepost ( no stamp needed ) TFL Consultations
or call them on 0343 222 1155 .
I will be raising this at the next Lewisham People Before Profit meeting to get as much all party support as possible.

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