Wednesday, 13 December 2017

#Liberty The true story of the Struggle to establish civil rights in UK in the 1930s and one Scottish Womans fight

After 3 years research , my first of 2 books on the amazing activism of Kath Duncan , how is it we remember our Kings and Queens but forget OUR working class heroes? . This book and play is not about making loads of cash, but about making people remember how amazing ordinary people like you and me can be. So please BUY this book or buy the ebook , give it as a present , treat yourself, but please help me raise the debate and insure working class woman heroes are no longer left in the shadows. Make this book a success and lets get the Country proud of Kath , the role of Unions and the power we people as community have when united in dark times, this written about true events in 1930s but could so be Tory Britain 2017 if you only buy one book this year or next . make it be * Liberty*  #Amazon
Liberty the story of Kath Duncan who took on the might of King Parliament and the entire legal establishment to lay the ground work for The National Council of Civil…

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