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Press  Release . 

2 January 2019.

The most important LGBT and Civil rights stage play of 2019 that in year we remember 100 years Women Activism seeks to bring out of the Shadow’s the life and true story of the most important Scottish and UK  civil rights activist the past 100 years, Kath Duncan & for the first time tell true story how OUR LGBTQ & Civil rights were fought & won in 1930s Britain 

#Liberty a 1930s period play telling the true events that established the LGBTQ and Civil rights movement in 1930s Britain  will  be streamed globally as part LGBTQ history month  14-29 February 2019 and The Deptford Heritage Festival 1-28 February 2019, to  the 72 Countries to be LGBTQ is still against the law &  every country in which Civil rights still do not exist 

#Liberty a highly anticipated new stage production Directed by leading Scot & Uk Director Karen Douglas with  Rona Topaz as musical director ( although this stunning production has songs, it is NOT a musical ) the fight and battle scenes for the production are being staged by the World’s number one film and stage fight Director , Ronin Traynor .
The gender flued acting cast is one of the most interesting to come to the London stage and will see music, film, and social media used in the present in a way never used before on a theatre stage, with Kath Duncan played by one of the UK finest actors Emily Carding whose productions of Hamlet, Richard111 have won high acclaim and awards from Edinburgh, Prague and Brighton fringe to her resent stunning reviews on New York Broadway  , established as one of the finest actors of her age for playing men , Emily will lead an almost full female cast playing men’s roles in a mainly all women lead  Red Blouse Theatre production , recreating  on stage for the first time since 1930s, Kath Duncan , other cast members include the Brazilian International star who has fled fascism in Brazil Ana luiza Ulsig , celebrity big bother winner and Hollyoaks actor Alex Reid whilst in the age in which one Trans person is killed every week in  USA alone, actor singer Giorgio Borghes will bring to the stage the present through his Drag Idol creation Claudia F to highlight the activism of Percy Duke in 1930s who was given 12 months hard labour for wearing a dress in public, Giorgio whilst reflecting on this story will bring the play back up to date with were we are NOW, whilst singing the new Gay love song written especially for the stage play #ForbiddenLove  

The 3rd International Deptford Heritage Festival will be London’s largest heritage festival and will run from 1 to 28 February 2019, which includes the global #LGBTQ History Month.

The Deptford Heritage Festival brings together the country’s leading experts on people such as Lord Nelson, Christopher Marlowe, Peter the Great, the MacMillan sisters, Kath Duncan, and Olaudan Equiano, whose lives in Deptford have not just shaped the history of Deptford but of the whole world.

Traditionally held over the first bank holiday in May, the Deptford Heritage Festival brings together local schools, community groups, choirs, artists, writers, performers, poets, musicians, historians, and local residents of all ages and diversity, to celebrate community and working class history at a period in our history in which gentrification seems about to erase the area’s awesome heritage, identity, sense of community, and place and importance in world history.

Tickets for #Liberty cost £15 and give free access to ALL other festival events except for the History Tour Bus.

The opening night celebrity gala on 14 February 2019 (Valentine’s Day) will be a tribute to the country’s inspirational women activists with the UK and some of the World’s leading Civil rights leaders , a full list to be published soon. Production and tickets will cost £25.

Tickets are on sale now from seetickets.com and ticketsauce.com and would make fantastic Christmas presents or Valentine’s Day gifts. 

All profits from the festival will fund a school holiday project run by the local community that keeps kids fed and safe during the school holidays, and which, despite growing need, receives no government or council funding. The festival and the play #Liberty are still looking for sponsorship so that more of the funds raised can go directly to this project.

PRIDE events ; The Stunning stage play and or the Film can be booked as a Pride event fund raiser at usual equity rates. 

For press, Cast Interviews 

For Free  Press critic passes please RSVP the date you can attend with Name plus one. 

Text:                              07871187162

Email:                            raymondwoolford@aol.com

Twitter:                          @BlouseRed @DeptfordHerita1

Telephone (Festival Office): 0203 632 196

Website:                         www.KathDuncan.Com

A long overdue biography of Kath Duncan, The Last Queen of Scotland, has been written by Ray Barron-Woolford and will be published by New York Publisher Austin McCauley early in 2019.

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