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Kath Duncan Hidden History Review of Kaths Biography The Last Queen Of Scotland

REVIEW: Kath Duncan: The Last Queen of Scotland
 by Ray Woolford
Many Women have been written out of the male-dominated history books. For every Amazonian queen, rebel girl, scandalous mistress, militant suffragette or persistent female pioneer that we now know about, there are hundreds more “hidden her stories” of extraordinary women which go totally uncelebrated.
Ray Woolford’s fascinating new book shines the spotlight on an unsung political heroine whom many will be unfamiliar with.  Kath Duncan was one of the most important activists of the last century. She had connections with major politicians like Winston Churchill & George Lansbury, she stood for parliament, made inspiring speeches and dedicated her entire life to the causes she believed in, to the detriment of her own health. However, her leading role in left-wing and communist politics, her working class Scottish background and her gender, have all led to her story being marginalized. Her important contribution to the civil rights movement has been buried by the establishment since her death in 1954, at the height of the cold war. 
Woolford’s book tells how Kath Duncan was a highly significant champion of the poor and the unemployed. She was a tireless campaigner for workers’ rights and spent 2 jail terms in Holloway prison for making political speeches. The National Council for Civil Liberties supported her in a landmark court case on the freedom of speech but not many history books will tell you that fact. Duncan also opposed fascism, took part in the Battle of Cable Street and was central to the Aid to Spain movement in the 1930’s. She was a key player in these things – so by rights she should be a household name or have a memorial or statue erected somewhere.
Woolford’s very well researched biography defiantly places Kath Duncan’s story right back into the public eye where it belongs, and restores her to her rightful position as one of the leading civil-rights activists of our time. Her political campaigning can be linked to several of the most significant moments in 20th century British history and has relevance to many of the social and political issues we have today.  
In a year when we are celebrating 100 years of some women getting the vote in the UK – it is vital that we also recognise and acknowledge the life and work of Kath Duncan - a working class woman who played just as significant a role in politics as The Pankhurst’s, Nancy Astor or Barbara Castle. In a world where we constantly strive for more equality this book has an important message about how society deals with freedom of speech and civil liberty. Kath Duncan’s story has finally been uncovered by Woolford and all of us really ought to read it. 

The must read book- biography of the most important Working Class hero, Scot , Uk, LGBTQ Civil Rights activist the past 100 years. No other person male or female was as active at leadership level on so many campaigns between the Wars. Suffragette . member of the Leadership Communist party . Lead member 1926 General Strike National Union Unemployed Workers. Teachers Union Activist. Miners support activist .Invergordon Mutiny. Spanish Civil War. The Hunger Marches.Anti War activist. Anti Fascist who lead Cabel street protests. Support Union rights for workers in India. Established Friends of Russia. Was great friends with The Churchills and Clem Attlee. Taking on the Utility companies poor peoples tax. One of the first Woman to stand as a Parliamentary candidate Her 2 jail terms lead to first House of Commons Civil Rights debate and the establishment of The National Council Civil Liberties we call LIBERTY today. Direct Mail me direct for copies of the book if you don't like buying on line .or order from your local book shop.. I am also happy to give free talks on Kaths Life and activism you may also like my book-Play LIBERTY that tells just one chapter in her life of Activism her role in the UK Civil Rights movement .Its really important people buy this book, give as a perfect present. review so more working class heroes stories are told, especially Women.Will you help me bring Kath Duncan out of the shadows and restored to National Treasure Statues? We are taught about our Kings & Queens and tyrants , we are taught about Civil Rights USA, India and South Africa..So should we not be teaching ALL our kids and each other about the heroism of one ordinary women who became extraordinary? Click to buy  ;

The Last Queen of Scotland
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