Friday 5 March 2010

Another Week, another campaign

Well at last a night free from the campaign. We have been to so many meetings and attended so many school gates it all becomes a way of life, and the local Lewisham elections are only 9 weeks away.

The press is full about Lord Ashcroft and the money. All political groups get money from people with a lordship in mind. The real story is that Lord Ashcroft was given a lordship on the understanding he would pay UK tax, as he has not paid tax for ten years, and the fact the conservatives have used this tax money to buy votes, he should have this title removed at once.

Lewisham Council are set to make 80 million in Cuts, this staggering amount of money will lead to massive job losses, and the people in most need will have to go without. It is really shocking, that when you are at the school gates or hitting the doorsteps, so few people care about the problems faced by others, and yet every one in Lewisham has seen the way in which Lewisham council misspends public money.

Building new council homes creates real jobs. Are you aware how much money councils spend on bed and breakfast and high end home rentals due to the shortage? Are you aware that it costs more money to keep people on benefits than it does to give them work?

We have endless amounts of money for War and Trident, do you really think we are about to be invaded by China, but because we have Trident they leave us alone? Local people need to wake up, and challenge the rubbish we are told. We do have an alternative, and that needs to start with the wholesale eviction of all our party politicians.....

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