Monday 8 March 2010

People can be so fantastic.............

Another week, and the time seems to fly by. Hitting the schools with our Schools Petition has brought in loads more support.

The planning deadline for Oxstalls road site, which is the only place left for a new school in this part of Lewisham was today, so mad rush to get objections in to town hall planning department, a real nightmare, no parking, loads of people seeking a pass to get into the building, another example as to how badly Labour runs Lewisham.

Michelle, another new supporter, has set up a facebook group for us (people before profit lewisham borough). The last time me and Barbara ran for New Cross ward with Ann Maria, we only had about 5 people. This time round, though apathy is the real winner, we are getting the help, and people are becoming part of the wider Lewisham People before profit Group.

Tonight I have been invited to see a new youth dance project in New Cross ward. It is run by a local parent for local kids with no money and no funding, so I'm eager to give support and see what we can do to help...

A further 3 campaign flyers had to be approved today, and we got the last of the flyers out across the wards. We are consistently getting out 25.000 newsletters across Lewisham every 10 days. Labour in most wards have done nothing, partly because they take votes from the poor for granted.

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