Wednesday 18 May 2011

Songs To Sing at Protests.. our top 3 popular list

You can adjust the words to your area or issue of concern.

Save Lewishams Libraries. ( To the tune of The International.

Arise, ye readers from your slumbers,
Our libraries must stay intact.
Steve Bullock ( Labour Lewisham Mayor) Plans to cut their numbers.
Is a grossly stupid act.
A-a-Way with such machination
just to sa-ve one mil...lion pounds
expand our library provi..sion
the money simply must be found.

Then people , come together
sign petitions, spread the word.
if we all fight together
our voices will be heard.
so-o readers, dont falter;
cap council pay at fivty grand,
there.ll be the cash to a-as-lter
Mayor Bullocks awful plans....

Tory Toffs- to the tune of John Browns Body.

Young and old and black and white, join us here today
We must defend our services and make the bankers pay
were fighting for the future now and this is what we say
No ifs, No buts, no public sector cuts

Tory, Tory cuts no thanks, Sir
Nick and David love the nan-kers,
We think a load of------Tory Toffs
No ifs, No buts, no public sector cuts.

Our Hospitals and nurseries are there for human need
Our Libraries and schools are there to help our children read not there to make profit from or serve the bankers, greed.
No ifs, No buts, no public sector cut.
repeat Chorus....

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