Saturday 7 May 2011

Anti -cuts campaigns - does anyone out there care?

Well, what a depressing set of election results.

Massive cuts in Public services, job losses, and the poor paying the price, and yet at local election level, the population en-mass, go out and vote for conservative councillors.

Whatever your view on the Lib Dems, is it really good for democracy that we are back to a 2 party state?

Even anti-cuts candidates and councillors, and Green councillors were wiped out.

In rural Oxfordshire, 'anti-cuts' and 'save our services' candidates polled just 12% on a 62% turnout at local level, whilst at district level, candidates running as 'Save our services- People before profit' secured more votes than Labour and Lib Dem candidates combined, but with 20% off the vote on a staggering 89% turn out, the Conservatives still won, with no drop in support.

The only good news of the night was the SNP winning in Scotland.

Also, the public seem to have clearly forgotten the record of the last Labour Goverment...

...PFI, the start of tuition fees, 6 wars, and the climate of greed and abuse of power, the old saying, 'a week in politics is a long time'.. sadly this is oh so true. The public seem to say we care and yet when they have a real choice, like turkeys voting for Christmas, they elect faceless party career politicians, instead of real caring community activists who have fresh ideas and vision and would really deliver service to local residents..

For those who voted Labour or Conservative on Thursday..

When you see your friends and neighbours lose jobs.
When you see your NHS services privatised.
When you see the services your family depend upon no longer there.

Remember, you could have voted for candidates and parties that would have defended and protected them. This goverment have a mandate to cut services and privatise services. Now, the huge turn-out across the country and the huge number of anti-cuts candidates defeated, gives them the power to carry on...

It is a sad day for The poor, The elderly and the disadvantaged..

We have gone straight back to to the 1950s..

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