Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Defending social housing. Free Conference open to all

Lewisham people before profit, have organised a housing crises conference on Saturday 15th September from 11am-5pm at All Saints Community centre, New Cross Road New Cross London Se14, close to New Cross Gate station. With Councils and Goverment looking to sell off Council homes and to push rents up to 80% of market rate, Stopping the Housing benifit and housing for under 35 year olds,Turning Squatting into a Criminal act, whilst thousands of properties remain empty and left to rot. A housing conference has never been needed as much as it does TODAY. This London Housing crises meeting is open to every one across the UK, who care about social housing, how we fight to protect, organise, and inform people what is going on, will be discussed at this Conference. We welcome other speakers and we welcome people from across the spectrum to speak and take part. More details on the party websire;www.peoplebeforeprofit.org.uk Please spread the word. People before profit...Get things done.

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