Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Lewisham Conservative councillor defects to Labour

David Britian a Conservative councillor on Lewisham Council for more than a decade has resigned from the Conservatives and joined Labour. This has not been a surprise, in the last council, the Conservative group agreed to vote with all other groups to oppose the Mayor vote and bring back local accountability through local councillors instead of the present all powerful Mayor system. On the night of the Vote, the Conservatives were bought off by Labour and the vote was lost. so no surprise that this Councillor was one of 2 easily bought off at the expense of an election promise. David Britain who will not be standing down, even though he was elected as a Conservative and has become Labour with no say from the Grove park ward voters who elected him in the first place. Goverment policy and Savage cuts has been the reason given, some people may think that with Local elections in 2014, holding on to a Council seat was more important than principle.

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