Wednesday 12 September 2012

Whitefoot By Election John Hamilton Selected

At a full public meeting called by Lewisham people before profit in Whitefoot ward to select a candidate to fight the seat. John Hamilton secured the largest number of votes, in a very tough contest between John and Former anti cuts Councillor and all round local hero, Chris Flood. As a Community activist party, we are blessed with a huge number of very really talented people many of which will bee seeking election at the next round of local elections in 2014. The Key local issues will be Cuts in front line services to the young, the elderly and the disabled, Housing, and Education as well as planning and much more, after 13 years of a Labour Goverment, with 3 Labour Lewisham MPs and a Labour Mayor and wall to wall Labour yes councillors, do whitefoot residents need another? This seat has been Labour and Lib Dem, so clearly no Alternative. John and LBPB are the opposition to Labour Cuts and mismanagement as stated by the Lib Dem Mayor candidate. To join the new ward party or to offer help please go direct to the party website; or email We have Mps and Local Councillors in Ireland, lets get some elected in Lewisham.

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