Thursday 30 January 2014

Iceland Stores. boycott and mass protest for Sat Off..We Won!

CPS statement - Iceland Foods case

Baljit Ubhey, Chief Crown Prosecutor for CPS London, said:
“This case has been reviewed by a senior lawyer and it has been decided that a prosecution is not required in the public interest. While the decision to charge was taken by the Metropolitan Police Service, a subsequent review of the case by the CPS did not give due weight to the public interest factors tending against prosecution.
“In reconsidering this case, we have had particular regard to the seriousness of the alleged offence and the level of harm done. Both of these factors weigh against a prosecution. Additionally, further representations received today from Iceland Foods have affected our assessment of the public interest in prosecuting.
“We hope this demonstrates our willingness to review decisions and take appropriate and swift action when necessary. The Crown Prosecution Service is committed to bringing the right charges to court when - and only when - it is proper to do so.
“We have notified the legal representatives of the defendants that the proceedings will be discontinued. This decision has been taken on public interest grounds alone. There was sufficient evidence for a realistic prospect of conviction when the Metropolitan Police decided to charge the defendants and that remains the case.”

Do not expect to see this reported in establishment press, This victory for Social Justice, will have put fear of God in them. How can a small Political Party in this Case mobalize a million twitter tweets and a nationwide boycott of stores in just 24 Hours? We did as more groups joined us , and whilst some challenged my position on Iceland once they said they would not want charges bought, i have been proven right in keeping onm at Iceland, as it was the Share price and fear of Boycott that forced this action to be stopped in just 48 Hours.
Think What PB4P could do with elected Councillors and MPs? Join Us.

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