Wednesday 29 January 2014

Iceland Stores Thank you We Won. Hungry 3 All charges Dropped.

This Story is truly awful, at a time we should be fighting poverty. Iceland Stores  claim to be family friendly is seeking to take action against 3 people hungry who removed food to eat from the stores waste bin.19 hours in a prison cell followed and court action is to follow. The Independent Network of Food Banks and has called for nationwide boycott of all Iceland stores and has called for people to hand back the store bonus cards to the managers in protest and protest outside local Stores every Saturday until they drop the charges.
My food in New Cross Road Deptford has 2 local  Iceland stores, and yet Iceland chose to dump the food in waste bins, instead of giving this food to help the food bank feed local people in food crises. who is the criminal here? People NOT shop lifting, but recycling waste food due to poverty, or a huge food chain that have a clear agenda of dumping food instead of supporting local food banks.
I will be outside Deptford High Street Food Bank 1pm This and every saturday until the charges are dropped. By protesting we can bring down the company share price and hit profits, the only thing these big business interests understand.Follow me on twitter @Raywoolford. Tweet your local protest or Join Me, in fighting poverty not the poor. ;Hungry3 Iceland.
Due to huge public outrage and concerns that mass protests this Saturday across the UK at its stores plus a boycott, Iceland have published a statement in which they state they ARE not pressing charges, but this IS being carried out by the CPS . As this matter concerns food taken from Iceland on Private property, Iceland statement does not call for CPS to drop the charges, therefore we will continue the call until the CPS confirms it will not be going ahead. All this action would not be happening if it was not for you, and the million people who tweeted my tweets the moment i bacame aware of this story last night. Keep up the presure we should win this together!
As you will see from most resent posting CPS has dropped all charges., Keeping the pressure on Iceland stores with mass Boycott and Protests every week, put the fear of God in them. The Loss of share price and profit is a powerful weapon, we Community activists need to do more of. Do not expect this story to bev rerported in main stream press. They do not want other Groups and voters across the UK getting ideas..
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Free the 'Iceland Three'

Free the 'Iceland Three'

    1. Andrew Boner
    3. Petition by
      dalnaspidal, United Kingdom
The Crown Prosecution Service claims there is 'significant public interest' in prosecuting men arrested for taking discarded food  - We do not and want the prosecution stopped or at least frozen.
Crown Prosecution Service 
Free the 'Iceland Three' 

You intend to prosecute three men taking food from a skip, are you seriously suggesting this is an appropriate use of public funds in a time of so called 'austerity'? 

Please stop this madness and drop the charges.

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