Tuesday 27 May 2014

Lewisham Council results. Lewisham People Before Profit opposition to Labour & Gov privatisation & cuts agenda.

Can we  take this opportunity to thank THE AWESOME VOTERS OF Lewisham who in droves voted Lewisham People Before Profit in such large numbers we came second or third in almost every ward beating everyone but Labour with our party securing our best ever election results making us the true Opposition to Labour in Lewisham.
We polled better than, Tories, LD, Green, Tusc. Harmony Party UKIP, and All Peoples Party but sadly just missed out on seats.
John  Hamilton for Mayor also increased his vote share and beat UKIP giving a real voice to the 99% opposed to cuts and privatisation .
Lewisham People Before Profit secured the highest vote share of any  small party in the UK.
Labour have promised to deliver more council homes, freeze council rents, licence private landlords and defend public services, in part as direct result of PB4P campaigns and direct actions that insured the homes crises was the number 1 election issue and in part to the increasing number of people voting PB4P
We will as we always do, carry on the fight, Insuring Labour delivers, Whilst opposing the savage cuts, privatisation and mass sackings which are about to be inflicted on the people of our borough.
Lewisham is fortunate that it has so many awesome people from across the political spectrum and we give thanks to the Councillors opposed to Cuts and Privatisation who lost seats on Thursday .

On a personal note, i would like to thank the wonderful voters of New Cross ward who chose to ignore the false statements and down right fantasy lies that were put out to stop me secureing a good vote on Thursday.
Last tuesday the person who was making these totally false claims was arrested by the police.
I secured my best ever vote share of any election i have ever fought and the highest number of votes being within a whisker of winning.

Our Community activism, direct actions, our foodbank , legal and benefit advice surgery go on.. Unlike other political groups seeking your votes at elections, Lewisham People Befoe Profit never stop the Struggle.
Solidarity is the way we WIN!
Join the party of the 99% ;Best £5 you could spend.

Ray Woolford
Lewisham People Befoe Profit

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