Monday 24 November 2014

EPA Another secret trade agreement establishment seeks 2 keep quiet as it cripples Africa.

A French activist has emailed me, asking me not to forget EPA in our fight against free trade agreements.
I confess that I did not know about this deal between Africa and Europe, recently finalized after 12 years of negociations, but which still has to be voted by parliaments in each country involved, both in Africa and Europe.
It's a complete scam for Africa. Here is an article to know a bit more about it:
I found a petition in French ( but not in English.
I know there are many things going on and that we can't deal with all of them but it seems, important, at least, to be aware of the other trade deals going on and not to forget the people who suffer from European domination.
It would be good to check when our parliaments will have to discuss EPA and to pressure our MPs by that time.

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